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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Tamaulipas State Police detain 4 members of Cartel del Noreste

Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas - State Police from the Grupo Especial en Acciones Conjuntas con Militares arrested 4 members of the Cartel del Noteste / Zetas in Ciudad Mier, on Saturday afternoon. The detainees are:
1.-Jose Armando "N", Commander
2.-Hector Manuel "N" Troop Member
3.-José Indulfo "N", Troop Operations Chief
4.-Rigoberto "N" in charge of weapons protection.

7 rifles, tactical vests, Kevlar helmets and loaded magazines were secured

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat VXT 


  1. Personalized shirts when you join kids.

  2. Caught with the fruits of crime, and yet thier faces still get covered. I ask will the state police set them free? Or will really serve the time?

    1. Yes set them Free r u r Racists

  3. Well, CDN are not living their best days it seems

  4. El Comandante Raton

  5. They're probably being beaten and tortured right now. Not sure how to feel about that. They're the literal scum of the earth but if/when the state does that, they cede all moral authority.

  6. Cdn had to put some body down so the government wont look bad since they killed estatales!!

  7. Since the Almo not going to do anything. Its 5 more years of this guy

  8. Give them the death penalty for being stupid and ignorant

  9. The second picture above is the most descriptive picture of Los Zetas.

  10. Well, so much for hiring ex military. I don't think that first guy could even survive a physical let alone being chased by police!

  11. And why are they still alive ???

  12. Rigoberto looks like louie Anderson from the FX show "Baskets"

  13. Why even bother capturing them? Just put a bullet in their heads and be done with it.

  14. The dude in the blue shirt is the one that should be called manchas.


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