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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Son of "El Carrete" Detained, Leader of "Los Rojos" in Morelos

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Unotv y El Sol
The Secretary of Government and the Prosecutor's Office of Morelos,  Pablo Ojeda Cárdenas, announced this morning the arrest of Alexis Oswaldo "N", son of Santiago Mazari Miranda  aka "El Carrete" leader of the criminal group "Los Rojos". 

Alexis Oswald replaced his father and according to the authorities became the new  leader of the criminal group known as "Los Rojos" , after the arrest of his father, in the organization that operates in Morelos, Guerrero and part of the State of Mexico.

“The detention was carried out on Monday, September 23, thanks to the collaboration between authorities that make up the State Coordination Table for the Construction of Peace,” Prosecutor of Morelos.

Alexis Oswaldo "N" was made available to the competent authorities, who in the next few hours will determine his legal status. This is the second time they have stopped him;  at the end of August 2018 , Alexis Oswaldo “N” was arrested in the municipality of  Jojutla for possession of weapons and drugs.

At that time, Jesús Alberto Capella Ibarra , state commissioner of Public Security of Morelos and current secretary of Public Security of Quintana Roo , said he was in possession of weapons and doses of marijuana, but he was released 48 hours later.

The son of the capo known as "El Carrete" , again, was available to the authorities to be related to the criminal group that operates in Morelos and Guerrero, after  Santiago Mazari ,was captured by federal forces on the 1st of August in the state of Guerrero.

                                                                          "La Quica"
Along with Santiago Mazari "El Carrete" was arrested Marco Gerardo "N" "La Quica" , identified as an important operating arm of the latter, who was a neighbor of Jojutla is presumed to be the head of the square in the southern part of the state, so inhabitants demanded greater security in the face of the conflict that they envisioned by the dispute of leaderships and the square.

"La Quica sowed terror not only in his Colonia, but throughout the municipality and neighboring towns; he was the main distributor, and Zacatepec, and, as an open secret, is linked to the dozen deaths that have been triggered in the area in recent years" one local citizen confided.

Inhabitants of Jojutla, Zacatepec and Tlaquiltenango warn of a new war between criminal groups for the dispute of the square or for the leadership left by "El Carrete" in this southern region of the state of Morelos, so there is a greater presence of the National Guard.


  1. Gotta love how all of Menchos enemies end up arrested yet he runs around killing kids and innocents daily. Amlo does nothing about cjng, he should be arrested for colluding with cjng.

    1. Not just in Mexico is the government bought. U.S. also has it's grimmy side

    2. 4:44 lookihere embesil, AMLO is not the police or your daddy or your mommy or your granny to be in charge of washing your pinchis calzones, El Carrete defended his turf all by himself and using no money from the public trough, you got him arrested and now you are helpless, and that is all on you, get him released and enjoy peace like you had before, at least...
      Police work is job number one for the municipales and if they can't do it then it is a state matter, maybe the military zone commander, as long as the military are deployed, instead of kowtowing to the pinchis huachicoleros and drug traffickers they use to enhance their salaries.

  2. What are talking about? AMLO is absolutely doing his part since becoming the 58th President of Mexico. He's written some of his finest poetry ever. Would you prefer he ditched his poetry than to work on cleaning up corruption in Mexico? Blasphemy...

    1. 7:44 you must be watching AMLO with your one eyed culo, but he ditched millions of peisos in chorizo, get a bite if you find it.
      I swear I have never seen AMLO doing any pottery whatsoever, except when he ate Caldo de Piedra invited by some Indian people.


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