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Monday, September 23, 2019

Feminicide: “El Pozole” of La Union Tepito Murdered

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Infobae y LaRazon
                                "El Pozoles", alleged member of La Unión Tepito, Executed

The victim was identified as an uncle of Brayan Mauricio, also nicknamed “El Pozoles”, who is imprisoned for the murder of Venezuelan escort Kenny Mireya Finol.

This weekend there was an execution in the Historic Center of Mexico City. The victim was identified as José Manuel González Hernández, alias "El Pozoles", alleged member of La Unión Tepito.

According to witnesses, the events were recorded around 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 21 on the street of Jesús María, when a couple of men aboard two motorcycles fired at José Manuel González.
Unofficial versions indicate that "El Pozoles" was put in a van to be transferred to a hospital with a gunshot wound in the abdomen, but he died when he arrived at the hospital. Another version indicates that the victim was shot eight times.

José Manuel González was identified as Brayan Mauricio's uncle "El Brayan", also nicknamed "El Pozoles", who is imprisoned for the murder of Venezuelan escort Kenny Mireya Finol.

Last February, the capital police arrested Brayan Mauricio González, 27 years old, alleged head of the criminal organization "La Unión Tepito".

His detention not only involves a serious blow to one of the most famous cartels in Mexico City, it also opens up the possibility of resolving at least three cases of feminicides that the Mexican authorities, so far remain unsolved.

Brayan Mauricio González, better known as "El Pozoles", is suspected of the death of Venezuelan Kenny Finol, Argentina's Karen Ailén Grodzinski, and Mexico's Karina Itzel Morales Baltazar . All of them were tortured and killed.
In chronological order, the first victim was Karen Ailén Grodzinski, murdered on December 27, 2017. With 23 years of age, her body was found in a room of the Pasadena Hotel, located on Avenida Revolucion number 826, in the mayor's office Benito Juárez.

The young Argentine girl arrived in Mexico in 2015, in search of an opportunity to devote herself to music. After living a few months in Jalisco, she moved to Mexico City, where she tried to devote herself to modeling. In addition to this job, Karen was promoted on the site of sexual offerings , where her murderer contacted her to request a meeting.

On the day of her murder, she attended the place of the appointment, but never left. She ended up murdered in room 24 of the hotel. Her body was found with signs of torture and a shot. Her case was the third in the list of murders of women that were promoted on the web portal.

Kenny Mireya Finol, the second victim, was also promoted on . Her body was found on February 25, 2018 in Ecatepec, with signs of torture and her face disfigured because of the acid sprayed on her.
Kenny recorded a video before her death when Brayan Mauricio brutally beat her Photo: (Facebook)
Before her death, the 26-year-old girl made two recordings in which she accused Brayan Mauricio González of the murder of Karen Grodzinski . In the same videos, Kenny, who showed blows to the body and the face, denounced that the cartel leader was threatened with death.

Four months after she recorded the complaint, she was found dead in the Jardines de Santa Clara neighborhood. Her family, from the beginning held "El Pozoles" responsible for her death, and provided the authorities with all the information they had about him. Both she and the first victim had a romantic relationship with the accused.

The third victim, Karina Baltazar, 27, disappeared on December 15, 2018 in Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico. She allegedly maintained a romantic relationship with a criminal who once had a relationship with "El Pozoles" and later became his rival. Although it is a hypothesis that has not been recognized by the authorities, it could be one of the main lines of research.
Karina Baltazar:
The day of his capture, the hitman was in the company of another young Venezuelan. According to some local media, she was also an escort. When she was captured, she begged the agents to turn her over to the National Migration Institute so she could return to her country; this was reported by El Universal.

In addition to these three feminicides, "El Pozoles" is related to the execution of at least 10 people in the last 2 years. On the day of his capture, the authorities found 100 bags of crystal, ie methamphetamine, in the vehicle he was traveling.
According to the National Security and Investigation Center (CISEN), Brayan Mauricio González,  has ties to the criminal organization "Los Rojos", Santiago Miranda Hernández, aka "El Carrete", is also the nephew of the leader.

His first years as a criminal were in El Centro neighborhood. Some time later he was tied to the La Union Tepito, where he devoted himself to drug trafficking, extortion, theft and sexual exploitation.
Allegedly, he was part of the closest circle of the founder of said cartel, Roberto Moyado Esparza "El Betito", who is currently imprisoned.

A conflict as a merchant leader is the line that the capital authorities follow in the execution of the uncle of Brayan Mauricio G., “El Pozoles”, alleged leader of the Tepito Union, so he ruled out that it was an adjustment of accounts of the organized crime.

At the end of the meeting of security cabinet and Attorney General, the Secretary of Public Security, Jesús Orta Martínez explained: “We have not registered activity of this person linked to organized crime. What we do have is that he is a merchant leader of a market here in Rodríguez Puebla and apparently the facts are linked to a dispute over that market, ” he said.

However, the police command did not completely rule out the fact that it was a direct attack due to an issue of organized crime.

Orta Martínez recalled that, at the beginning of the Tepito Union, José Manuel "N", who was also nicknamed "El Pozoles" as his nephew, participated in this criminal group.

"Apparently he is no longer linked and I say apparently because he is a person who many years ago was very clearly linked to the Union, at the beginning, but apparently not anymore."

The head of the SSC commented that it was through the images of the cameras of the C5 and individuals, as well as testimonies that could establish that the murder was perpetrated by four men aboard two scooters.

As you will remember, José Manuel was in the streets Jesús María and Emiliano Zapata, Colonia Centro on Saturday night when he was attacked.

His attackers shot him and the victim received eight bullet strikes while two bullets injured another subject who was next to him.

The attackers escaped aboard their motorcycles and minutes later paramedics arrived who transferred “El Pozoles” to Rubén Leñero Hospital where he lost his life. While the injured was taken to the Magdalena de la Salinas hospital.


  1. Who is la union tepito? Are they a cartel or gang?. Are they big timers?

    1. They are one of CDMX's criminal gangs, not as big as the cartels but just as murderous.

    2. A Union IS a Crime syndicate, in this case located in Tepito a Mexico City neighborhood dedicated to every kind of deal, among them the selling of professional DEGREES
      --like EPN and Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, alias "el Chino Chon", I suspect Harvard, Yale, Stanford and other renowned universities on the US or England and Spain will deny their graduates studied there too, because they are most of them wanted criminals now.
      In Tepito you can find public restrooms where you can make #2 for 5 pesos, included two squares ot toilet paper, but no receipt like #Lady Caca demanded, (federal senator xochitl galvez)... She was told "and if you clog the toilet it will be $20.00 pesos" instead of a receipt, which made her soil her chones right then and there.

  2. Good fucking riddance scumbag

  3. He murdered lots of people, and took a long time for his arrest. Was he killed in prison when a motorcycle drove by, or was it when he was free to wander on the streets? I am out of it since they repeated en posole 100 times.

    1. The posoles is a gang, it's members are all called posoles, ut each would have a different name and nickname, it is like every black person on the US are "brothas" and Asians are all uncles and cousins without necessarily being blood related.
      This posole got his menudo messed up "por andar ahi de caliente"

  4. Good Job on these motherfacking pozoleros, and I hope their partners get burned next, all these pimping murderers need to be shot gunned up the ass and left there to survive if they can.
    But the pendejas who believe they are so beautiful they can achieve whatever they want through "escorting their ass around" need to grow the fack up too, they chose to leave their families behind to follow their horny arses wherever they chose to go.
    Esto es lo que se sacan por andar ahi de calientes.

  5. Here we go again with the feminist invented crime womancide in order to push sexist propaganda in womens favour. Forget about the 99% murders that are men there is a flavourable word launched called WOMANCIDE to put focus on.

    1. A valid point indeed.

    2. While I have no sympathy for women who do idiotic things, I think that Mexico distinguishing FEMinicides from HOMicides is a step in the right direction. Take into consideration how many innocent women and children esp are forced into this lifestyle against their will or out right kidnapped, raped and killed by some coked out pervert, come on guys.....the statistics are staggering in Mexico. Human trafficking of women and children both boys and girls, gangs running amok in rural areas in their convoys just snatching up little girls never to be seen again......I will consider you naive and/ or not informed on the topic.
      Read Dr Mireles book: This is one of the reasons the autodefenses took up arms in the mountains; gangs were just showing up at rural ranchos and just taking their girl children in particular, not even teens yet.

    3. Yaqui you got it. Well said.

    4. Absolutely Yaqui. You are 100% right. The number of women murdered in Mexico in the last few decades is staggering. It's truly a heartbreaking situation.

      -The Solothurn

    5. 8:50 when you get found quartered alive,
      a new word will have to be invented:
      "Culocidio or Assholecide“, perfect for your envy and bitterness over having one too many appendages...
      --Chop it off asshole!

  6. He looks like a Mexican Angela Lansbury in the first pic. I get this chick may not get to choose her customers, but wtf did she expect messing with a narco?


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