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Monday, September 9, 2019

"El Mawicho": Jalisco Man Arrested for the Murder of Two Israeli Men in July

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Aristegui y Proceso y Radio Formula
     "El Mawicho" falls, allegedly implicated in the killing of two Israelis in Plaza Artz Pedregal

Mauricio Hiram “N”, "El Mawicho", allegedly involved in the murder of two Israelis in Mexico City, on July 24, was arrested this morning in Zapopan, Jalisco.

Mauricio Hiram "N", aka "El Mawicho", 23 years old with ties to CJNG,  allegedly charged 10,000 Pesos for the murder of  Benjamin Yeshurun ​​Sutchi and Alon Azulay , perpetrated on July 24, in Plaza Arts Pedregal in Mexico City.

Hours later the subject was transferred to the Mexican capital to be placed at the disposal of Judge 114 of Control, who required him for the crime of homicide qualified against Benjamin Yeshurun ​​Sutchi, 44, and Alon Azulay, 41. Both men had criminal records in Mexico and Israel.
At a press conference in Mexico City, Omar García Harfuch, chief of the Investigative Police (PDI), reported that this is the second capture of the perpetrators of the crime committed on July 24 at Plaza Artz Pedregal. That same day, he said, Esperanza “G” was apprehended, "La Güera" , who is being held in a Morelos prison.

García Harfuch emphasized that it was thanks to the statements of Esperanza “G”, alias “La Güera”, arrested that same July 24, that they could find the other aggressor of the Plaza Artz Pedregal attack.

Customers at the shopping centre fled, dived to the floor or took refuge behind storefronts as the sound of gunshots rang through the complex during the frightening assassinations.

Mexico City police chief Jesus Orta said the woman told police “she had a sentimental relationship with one of the victims, who she met on social media, and that the attack was due to infidelity”; a statement which is now thought of as untrue. "La Güera" was wearing a blonde wig during the criminal murder which she quickly ditched as she attempted to flee the scene of the crime.
“Two weeks ago, Investigation Police personnel moved to the state of Jalisco, with the support of the State Attorney General’s Office, because there were indications that the participants in these events were in that entity in order to evade justice and remain hidden, ” said the official.

Mauricio Hiram “N”, 23, allegedly belongs to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, from whom he would have been instructed to commit the double murder of the Israelis, he said.

The local authority was not informed of the operation carried out by agents of the PDI of Mexico City and the Ministry of National Defense, who complied with an arrest warrant against "El Mawicho" , captured along with three other people with drug charges.

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  1. The Israeli Mossad never forgets!
    El Mawicho and La Guera will not breathe much longer.

    Sicario 006 Animo gente de la Mossad

    1. 6:14 These two "Israelis" were criminals,
      with records in Israel and in Mexico.
      Callese guey.

    2. Mossad never learns either...they are proficient at killing children however

  2. When you sit here and wait for the wannabe cartel experts to say something

  3. When you sit here and wait for the wannabe cartel experts to say something

    1. You have a bad case of repeating yourself.

  4. Those were big targets, big capos but that's the way Mexico works. If they are foreigners they will investigate if not they won't.. Mexico system is dumb A$$ fu@kkk

  5. Cjng the scourge of mexico. Death to cjng. They are mexico’s isis. No one like cjng here.

  6. wtf are israelis doing I’m Mexico and more importantly why does CJNG want to take them out?

    1. 11:54 the bad news is they have been operating in Mexico for too long in cahoots with criminals of all races and religions.

  7. Benjamin yeshurun y la barbie google it 🤙

  8. They solved a murder...10,000 more to go.

  9. he's close one's are probably dead or if not soon will be there going to try to extract who really ordered those hits criminal or not. Israel is excellent at eliminating enemy targets that's no secret


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