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Saturday, September 28, 2019

El Licenciado Gallo, a member of Los Viagras, among those killed in Uruapan Bar and Grill attack

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat TY BB FollowerūüĎŹ From Contramuro

El Licenciado Gallo is the brother-in-law of federal deputy Francisco Javier Huacus Esquivel

Uruapan, Michoac√°n.- Among those killed during the attack at the California Grill bar in Uruapan, is Fernando A. who is the brother-in-law of federal deputy Francisco Javier Huacus Esquivel, who is also identified as “El Licenciado”, who is presumed to be related to the Sierra Santana family, which leads the Cartel de Los Viagras.

It is presumed that Mr. Gallo would be involved with Commander F√©lix Hern√°ndez, “El Chilito Filleno”, an element of the State Attorney General's Office (FGE), so it would be an alleged liaison of the Los Viagras Cartel with state authorities.

Graphic foto below

Mr. Gallo was the victim of an attempted homicide earlier in Morelia, in which an escort of his was killed, and was allegedly connected  to the Michoac√°n Police.

Along with the attack that took place at the California Grill bar, located on the Latin American avenue in Uruapan, where four people were killed, the murder of a subject was recorded, leaving the body dismembered and bagged in Morelia.

A narco-message was placed in which the victim was linked as a member of the C√°rteles Unidos, a criminal group in which Los Viagras, Los Blancos de Troya, Templar Knights and the members of the criminal cell are associated with Jos√© Far√≠as √Ālvarez, "El Abuelo".

After the aggression, the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) and the State Attorney General's Office (FGE) issued press releases in which it was ensured that a security operation was deployed in the area, in addition to the Public Ministry initiating investigations related to the event.  


  1. Excellent these fucks gotta die on a daily basis

  2. Cjng are killing the competition! Literally, sooner or later they will get to el abuelo, hes gonna fall before mencho thats for sure

  3. Looks like we need pictures of some of these characters Chilito Relleno. Chivis Relleno like the peppers your mom would make when you were a kid filled with cheese papas and covered in egg fried in cooking oil.

    He is the UP kid looking guy in this article at the bottom.

    Pacho Huacus Esquivel is this guy,62579/titulo,Francisco+Huacus+Esquivel%2C+rinde+protesta+como+Diputado+de+la+LXIV+Legislatura+Federal/

    Pictures of the dead. The kid in Black with his shirt tucked was the waiter. one of the 3 others was Licenciado Gallo. From the pictures you can tell that one of them was armed.

    Lets hope someone in the US Fed mainly the DEA wants to score some brownie points does something to curb the Viagras existence to an end. I doubt it as they are their guys but who knows.

  4. good kills keep it up

  5. How is a security operation deployed without mentioning the yellow tape protecting the crime scene? It seems to be #1 priority.
    Esto le paso al Licenciado Gallo por andar ahi de caliente con Viagra.

  6. Cjng has some effective sicarios, that's for sure.. Cjng go into any plaza and kill their targets more often than any cartel in Mexic.. That's the reason cjng takes plazas while cartels like cds struggle for decades and never take a plaza even with help from the government lol

    1. 11:12 u forgot to mention that cjng sicarios kill anyone including kids, innocent people effective is that? Not very effective thats what twacked out wanna be sicarios do...cjng take any plaza but can't seem to get rid of the smaller fishes like marro n cholo haha

    2. Didn’t CDS just kill some little girls not that long ago? They killed many innocents especially when they were heating up plazas in Juarez, TJ, Nuevo Laredo etc.

    3. 6:10 thats still more effective than cdsnitches

    4. That has always been in the cartel game. If u don't like it get a regular job y si no aguanta Los vergasos. Everyone kills kids and innocents but they just call it collateral damage

  7. Ya some Cjng nut huggers it wasn’t even them who made the hit lmao it el Cenizo y su gente that still under la Tuta orders ctgm

  8. CJNG taking out the trash

  9. Yah, mass shooting only happen in the US. Sure. We aint shit compared to Mexico, especially when actual US gun murders, not gun deaths (suicide is two thirds), is around 10k-and almost all of those are in a very small area in five cities. If you took out the gun murder numbers in LA, Detroit, Chicago, Huston and New York, we would be the safest country on the planet per population, even more safe than the almost all white Northern European countries.


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