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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

“ El Cabo Gil” Released from Altiplano Prison

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Televisa y Proceso
"El Cabo Gil", Gildardo Lopez Astudillo, was arrested in 2015

"El Gil" is released, one of the main defendants of the Ayotzinapa  case.
"El Gil" would have given the order to liquidate the 43 students confusing them with members of the rival criminal group of "Los Rojos"

A judge from the state of Tamaulipas released Gildardo López Astudillo , alias “El Gil” , considered by the  PGR, as one of those responsible for the disappearance of the 43 normalista students of Ayotzinapa, which occurred in September 2014.

Gildardo López Astudillo, “ El Cabo Gil” , designated by the authorities as head of the Iguala de Guerreros Unidos plaza, was released last Saturday from the Altiplano prison in the State of Mexico.

Gildardo López Astudillo, "El Gil" or "El Cabo Gil" , one of the alleged leaders who would have ordered the disappearance of the 43 normalists of Ayotzinapa, regained his freedom since last Saturday after a federal judge dismissed a third of the evidence presented by the then Attorney General's Office (PGR).

The determination was made by the First Judge of the District of Federal Criminal Proceedings in the State of Tamaulipas, according to file number 66/2015, which determined to grant "El Gil" freedom along with three subjects more related to the case.

"Those accused of repairing the damage are acquitted," said the order issued by the judge, which resulted in his release from the Altiplano prison, in the town of Almoloya de Juárez, in the State of  Mexico.

According to the court, "El Gil", who was designated as the second in command of the Guerreros Unidos criminal group, considered that at least 81 of just over 110 pieces of evidence presented against him were illegally collected.

A consulted source indicated that torture weighed on the judge's criteria, which is why 44 others have already been released in the case. "There is no place to admonish the accused or suspend their political and civil rights," reads the minutes that granted the provisional release.
On September 16, 2015, López Astudillo was arrested in the city of Taxco, Guerrero, while in criminal flagrance for carrying weapons and having a false identification. Almost four years ago, on September 18, 2015, the PGR announced on its Twitter account the apprehension of "El Gil."

López Astudillo was admitted to the Altiplano prison three days later, from which the Third District Court of Federal Criminal Proceedings in the State of Mexico, headed by Raúl Valerio Ramírez, in support of the First Judge of the Federal Criminal Procedure District in Tamaulipas , opened the criminal case 66/2015 and issued a formal prison against "El Gil".

According to the PGR, "El Gil" was the one who informed Sidronio Casarrubias on the night of September 26, 2014, then chief of the Guerreros Unidos, about the alleged existence of an armed conflict in Iguala of the municipal police, by Felipe Flores , with alleged members of the Los Rojos criminal gang.

In support of the municipal forces, Casarrubias would have ordered the disappearance of the students with the help of the municipal police of Iguala. The fact was documented in the so-called “historical truth” of the Ayotzinapa case, where federal authorities maintain that, after being kidnapped, the students were burned in the Cocula dump.

With this release the doors are opened so that the case built by the PGR , who was then in charge, Jesús Murillo Karam (PRI), as well as Tomás Zerón Lucio, head of the Criminal Investigation Agency at that time, continues to deteriorate.

"El Gaby" Executed:
"El Gaby", executed outside the Estrellos de Oro Bus Terminal in Cuernavaca, Morelos, 5am Mon

"El Gaby" , executed prior to the release of "El Gil"; was the target of the attack at the Cuernavaca Bus Station in the early hours of this past Monday.

Only a few hours after the release of López Astudillo, violent events continue to occur related to the Ayotzinapa case.

On the morning of Monday, September 2, Gabriel León Villa, " El Gaby",  was killed at the Estrella de Oro bus station in Cuernavaca Morelos. According to the State Attorney's Office, León Villa was identified as the regional leader in Iguala de Gente Nueva, alleged successor criminal group of the Guerreros Unidos. Note: See my Post from Monday on details of that. "El Gaby" had not been identified or were his companions as of yesterday.

The victim who died along with four other people is related to the Ayotzinapa case in two ways: he was responsible for replacing López Astudillo when he fell into the hands of federal forces in Taxco, Guerrero, and was arrested in Iguala for his alleged participation in the disappearance of the 43 normalists. He was released in 2018.

The Attorney General of the State of Morelos, explained that the alleged aggressors had been waiting for him from 3:00 am outside the Estrella de Oro terminal of Cuernavaca to assassinate the drug trafficker and his companions.

The first judge of the district of federal criminal proceedings in Tamaulipas rejected 81 of the charges of evidence presented by the then PGR, against one of "El Gil" one of the main operators of the criminal group of Guerreros Unidos, considering that the evidence was illegally collected, the judge considered that with what the elements collected, they could not accuse him of the crime of kidnapping against the 43 Normalistas of Ayotzinapa.
In addition, the current attorney general's office forgot that last March was the closing of the trial against “El Gil”, and he could still present evidence against him, but he did not. Therefore, the judge decreed the acquittal.

Almost a year ago, the Gil had already been acquitted of the crime of organized crime.

“His release was due to two things. First a bad investigation of the PGR and second that it went to illegal methods of investigation that is the arbitrary detention and the torture. This is another tangible example of how the official case theory is falling apart through the judicial process, ”said Mario Patron, director of the PRO Center.

López Astudillo is credited with the material authorship of the disappearance of the 43 students of Ayotzinapa, once the municipal police handed them over to the Guerreros Unidos  on the night of September 26, 2014.

According to the investigations, he would have given the order to liquidate the students of the Normal Rural Isidro Burgos , confusing them with members of the rival criminal group of "Los Rojos."

Along with Gilberto López Astudillo, 44 others are accused in the case of the disappeared student normalistas.


  1. Great, Just what Mexico needs onother monster on the streets (sarcasm)

    1. 1:49 the Guerreros Unidos did not have the power to suppress evidence like C4, order the Marinas and federal police to the area since early in the morning that day, to kick the independent investigators out of the country or a record of resigning from the secretary of governance in the zedillo cabinet like Emilio Chuayfett Chemor, "La Emilia" close friend of zedillo and EPN whom hew as serving when the Ayotzinapos threatened to participate in a March in Mexico City the following week and for which the students had been hijacking busses, a 50 year old practice all over mexico.
      Even the Abarcas did not have part on the Iguala crime of state against the Ayotzinapos, governor angel aguirre sure Did, like he had done before with Ruben Figueroa Alcocer and "la Emilia" Chuayfett before... Every time you continue the charade of the "historic truth" and accusing the tortured municipales, Guerreros Unidos or Los Rojos and the abarcas, you are NOT HELPING!
      Because if they are not there, the State gets there all alone with Their Crime of State.

  2. Anyone think he will be killed?

    1. No. Its Mexico. These things are rewarded there....not punished.

    2. He’s a goner. I doubt he has firepower, much less money to go to war. His crew has been destroyed by the government and the remains disappeared by the other dogs on the yard. Its like at least 3 rival cartels and all levels of government trying to find you that’s probably like at least 800 people. They’re gonna find him.

    3. Yeah 9:57 doesn't know or hasn't been to Mexico but nothing is ever forgotten he'll receive a game of bullets in the near by future

  3. I’m sure someone out there will Kill him for what he did

  4. EL GIL: "Oh, I'm sorry your honor, I didn't mean to have THOSE 43
    people killed, my bad."

    THE JUDGE: "Well ok, don't let it happen again"

    1. 😂 that’s horrible...that it’s true

  5. Wow. This is truely pathetic from AMLO and his underlings. A new low.

  6. This is beyond ridiculous

  7. here is some very interesting backstory

    1. 5:22 it is disheartening that Commenters or Ayotzinapos disappearances are as dumb today as when it happened...
      ---Why would the EPN administration cheerleaders and secretary members of the cabinet lie and lie and lie some more to cover up, for Federico Figueroa and Guerreros Unidos and the Rojos?
      Investigators from the UNAM concluded that to incinerate 43 Ayotzinapos would take No rain, tons and tons of coal, or trucloads of wood and shit and tankers of huachicol.
      These are expert scientists, not hoodrat failed bank robbers inventing historic truths out of shifty falacies the kind EPN and his ministers have been sprouting by the yard since that night in iguala, no defense of the municipales and carteleros tortured to confess, even Anabel Hernandez has become a shit bird tight with EPN and his vice, wonder why FECAL never could get rid of her ass even as genarco garcia luna also wanted her disappeared by some cartel or sompim', Anabel Hernandez sold her ass to EPN and promotes the fifth bus and the narcos involvement BS.
      They say there is a born sucker every minute, but most commenters get born again a sucker every minute.

  8. Well, hell man. He was just an innocent kid who everyone in the neighbor said couldn't have done what he was accused of. In fact, he was going to start college just before he was arrested. The Judge in this case carefully reviewed the evidence and determined that he should be set free and found innocent of all charges. Way to go judge. Oh by the way, was it two million or five million dollars you received for this decision. When the fuck are Mexican people going to rebel and get rid of all this rampant corruption!!! Bring in the U.S.Marines!!

    1. 5:51 PM You don't want to play with fire kid. You want a country that is 100 times more corrupt then Mexico to do what?

    2. 4:23 I am with you, but why stop at 100 times more corrupt? Just the US military budget dwarfs the whole world's military budget, while Mexico ranks at the bottom fifty, and that's a fact I just guesstimated rite now, Let's guggle and fact check Arrogance.

  9. Replies
    1. 6:15 & 9:58 amazing fishy two snouts in one.
      90% mexicans have hope, 89% have that hope in AMLO, others hope on sheinbaum or yeidkol, or monrial, but there is HOPE in Mexico, except for partisans of the chayote and corruption lobby helped by former Narco-PANISTAS and Narco-PRIISTAS EAGER FOR IMPUNITY and BENEFITS

  10. This is the question we're all asking...

  11. Pena Nieto starting look good. How the 43 families????????????????

  12. It's sounding more like prison in Mexico is vacation for cartel operatives and criminals generally. A break from the action so to speak.
    No matter how many you kill, kidnap, rape or torture you will be released before you know it.

  13. Capture, torture for info, and a slow death! No more catch and release. Mx needs to grow a pair.

  14. ... Disposing Of A Body After Someone Else Kiled Them In Mexico Is Not As Serious Of A Crime ... Sad, But Wait For El Pozolero De Tijuana To Get Out Of Prison .... SMH

    1. 8:43 what body?
      No body, No Crime, that is the law of the land...
      What is more provable is that the Mexican Federal government did the kidnapping and is covering it up, and you need the secretaries of defense, public security, states attorney chiefs of police, military zone commanders, C4 supervisers to come and declare all they know while being tried for their crimes.
      and stop trying to blame the pinches abarcas and the pinches Guerreros Unidos (or the Rojos "because somebody thought the Ayotzinapa Studente were with them and stealing passenger busses full of tons of drugs and billions of dollars" bullshit, even if signed by Anabel Hernandez)

  15. 4:33 AMLO IS NOT PENA NIETO, he has no interest in suppressing witnesses dead or alive, he is letting justice wake up to the BS, one thing after the other,
    "estamos trabajando, dispense las molestias" senorita.
    Uncovering the web of corruption takes precedence, but it will come to that, even involving the human rights organizations, ask around, but do not let gossipy bastards points of view corrupt your ill informed comentaries and behave as if "AMLO DID IT" along with the "Jobless Chayoteros of the World United"


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