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Monday, September 2, 2019

Cuernavaca, Morelos: 5 Murdered at the Central Bus Station at 5am

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Televisa y Infobae y EF
Armed Commando opened fire at  the bus terminal in Cuernavaca at 5 am this morning, there are 5 murdered. The events occurred in the “Estrella de Oro”  bus terminal, details still emerging, the terminal is closed.

Several armed men stormed this morning at the "Estrella de Oro" bus terminal located in the city of Cuernavaca, Morelos, leaving a balance of at least five people killed and one more injured.

According to the first reports, armed men arrived at the truck station around 05:00 hours, shot at the people and then escaped.

According to unofficial accounts, armed people attacked a group of young people who were going to board one of the buses around 6:00 on Monday.

Several of the victims were in the waiting area if the terminal, at least one shot dead in a bathroom and another just outside the terminal. 

Although the bus terminal is closed, the schedules of the 'Gold Star'  buses were not suspended. Users descend and board the buses outside the terminal, at the nearby gas station.

Elements of the Municipal Police and the Attorney General of the State of Morelos already work in place to collect the first clues and carry out the lifting of the bodies that have not been identified so far.
                         A motive has yet to be determined and victims are not yet identified
Violent weekend in Morelos:
This weekend, Morelos lived a violent day that left at least 17 dead . Most were due to attacks and clashes of rivals in Cuernavaca, Jojutla, Jiutepec and the southern part of the entity.

The dawn of this Sunday there was a shooting in the nightclub "Amazonas", located in the Tarianes neighborhood in the municipality of Jiutepec . In the place armed subjects fired up to 40 times against three people who were at the entrance, also around 5 am Sunday morning.
       Bar "Amazonas"in Jiutepec: the wounded victims, unidentified , were employees of the bar

In Jojutla , two men were shot around 2:00 a.m. on Sunday when they were in a taqueria located on

the Jojutla-Alpuyeca road. The victims of this attack were identified as Luis Angel "N" of 19 years and Alejandro "N" of 71.

On Saturday, the discovery of a body was reported inside the trunk of an abandoned car in the streets of the town of Tepetzingo in the municipality of Emiliano Zapata .

Also in the community of Santa Rosa 30, in the municipality of Tlaltizapán , a male person was killed with a firearm.

Hours earlier, in the Zodiac neighborhood of the city ​​of Cuernavaca , a shootout was reported against two men who were aboard a white Nissan Tsuru vehicle. One of them died inside the car, the other when he arrived at the hospital.

On Friday, two men were killed during a shootout inside a bar located in the town of Tejalpa, in Jiutepec , while on Thursday, August 29, subjects on board two cars ambushed two police officers who were patrolling the area of the Road Pair, also Juitepec . The attackers fired 70 times against the uniformed.
                      Gov Cuauhtémoc Blanco claims that he does not evade his responsibility
On Sunday, the governor of Morelos Cuauhtémoc Blanco , said that the problem of insecurity was inherited from previous administrations , but insisted that his government continues to work in coordination with the federation, to restore peace and tranquility to the Morelenses.

"That is a responsibility (violence) is a burden that we bring from past administrations and we continue to assume our responsibility, I have told people that it is not easy, there are many people involved, who are involved in organized crime" , he pointed out.

Blanco Bravo added that the recent meetings he has held with the National Confederation of Governors (Conago) and with federal authorities have been to address the issue of violence and insecurity. However, it will be until December when more National Guard officers will arrive, to reinforce the local strategy .

"I do not back down, believe me, that we did not evade that responsibility, both the admiral (José Antonio Ortíz Guarneros) and me, to bring peace to the citizens," he said.

The majority of homicides, attacks and confrontations were recorded in Cuernavaca, Jojutla, Jiutepec and the southern zone of the entity.
Elements of the Morelos Police were shot dead in the municipality of Xochitepec.  Five people were arrested, among them a woman.  No details on this incident yet.

On Sunday, in a bar in the Tarianes de Jiutepec neighborhood, armed men shot and killed three people who were at the entrance of the establishment.

In the community of Santa Rosa 30, in the municipality of Tlaltizapán, the murder of a man was reported.

On Saturday morning, the decapitated body of a man was located next to the Tezoyuca-Tepetzingo highway, in the municipality of Emiliano Zapata.

While, in Jiutepec, an employee of a telephone company, was shot dead just when he arrived at his  house in the Progreso neighborhood.

In the municipality of Zacatepec, armed subjects shot at a taqueria in the Galeana community; in the place a man died of gunshot wounds and two more were injured.

In Cuernavaca, two men were killed after being persecuted by several armed subjects in the Zodiac neighborhood.

On Friday night armed men attacked a radio taxi site, located in the Satélite neighborhood, in Cuernavaca; there a driver and the operator of the site were injured, who subsequently died at the IMSS clinic in Plan de Ayala.

Two other men were shot to death outside a house in the Amatitlán neighborhood, also in Cuernavaca.

In Tejalpa, municipality of Jiutepec, one more shooting took place at the La Tequilera bar, where two men died.


  1. What knuckleheads go into a bus depot and shoot defenseless, unarmed men, what coward's.

    1. Mentally ill people are the only people that commit mass murder like this.

      Seems like a wave of mental illness has been unleashed the last ten to fifteen years given all the mass shootings we have seen in MX and elsewhere.

    2. Exactly. Mass shootings probably happen every day in Mexico where guns are essentially unavailable to law abiding citizens. And in places like Chicago and Baltimore.
      More guns = safety for the law abiding

  2. Holy shit. Morelos is hot too! It would be interesting to investigate the investigation of each of these events. From the outside it Seems like a lot of senseless murders. Not that cartel murders are sensible, but you guys no what I mean!....good post Yaqui.

    1. That’s sounds like an assignment for the department of redundancy department.

    2. Right !! 😅 @2:52 lololol like why is he talking like tht !! Me marea con tanta repetición 😪

  3. Just another example of domestic terrorism in Mexico, nothing new..

  4. Easiest country in the world to be a world record holder of mass murders....these scum kill and execute friends, relatives, family, neighbors or anyone for a quick meth hit and a few beers. Cockroach motherfuckers need to be hunted down and exterminated and eliminated from this world.

    1. Let me guess its a fucken punk ass white boy who call us cockroaches you punk ass white boys anit shit you guys are dying out you guys are a jokes Mexicans are taking over everything even your fucken white girls they love Mexicans cause we don't fake the funk brother!!!!! love your life brother 1488 brother lol jokes big bad 13 all day can't stop won't stop

    2. Why does this kind of junk get posted??

  5. Amlo Speech. "Mexicans r Happy Happy Happy " hope he right. With all the Volince i wonder???????

  6. Shooting innocents in the USA > 50+ murdered this year so far by serial killers with automatic weapons, and that is not including individual homicides in the larger cities of the USA; then there is Mexico with its serial killer cartels and so many hundreds of thousands killed so far. This is a problem of humanity, and we must get to the root of the evil, what is it that is going on with humanity, or are we just kidding ourselves into believing that it was ever different with human beings? If it has never been different with humans that how do we grow out of our barbaric normality? Is the answer economics or oppression or abnornal biology or a fantasy believing that we are anything different from all of natures' other predators?

    1. Bro it's fantasy, you happy now.

  7. Whats left of los rojos tryna heat up la plaza

  8. Cuactemoc blanco should just stick to soccer, that idiot fits right in with the rest of the idiot Mexican government

  9. Mexico is not worst than usa. There's cowards everywhere unfortunately.

    1. Mexico tops homicides in the world, can't compare with the USA.

    2. The Usa have few cities like Chicongo, New Orleans, Detroit ecc that can be compared to Mexico.

      The rest of the country doesn’t have the amout of epidemic violence that we have here.

      They are not as peaceful as Europe but still...

      El Cabrón de Tamaulipas

    3. Ummmmmmm. FALSE. If someone got skinned alive over here it would be in the national headlines for a month. In Mexico it would be just another day.

  10. What some people may not know is that the cartels use the bus to travel to a area were the bring in ther people slowly its easier to bring in a few at a time then a convoy were in the city may attract to much attention just saying a while back La Barbie picked up a few zetas trying to escape on the bus in Acapulco

  11. This is not the main bus terminal downtown near the Osborn. This is more of the regular people's bus terminal. Taxco is not so far. Lots of bodies in shafts. Great climate. Sad for the locals.


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