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Thursday, September 5, 2019

CDN threatens gas station owners not to provide fuel for state police or military

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The threats by organized crime in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, reached the businessmen of the gas stations in that area.

With warnings Cartel Northeast  provoked fear among gas station owners since last Monday, and did not provide fuel or the State Police and elements of the Army.

Currently, the Tamaulipas government has an agreement with two gas station companies to supply State Police and military units that patrol in Nuevo Laredo. This is Servicio Ancira Garza SA de CV and Servicombustibles Palacios SA de CV.

 But after the refusal of both companies, the authorities searched for other companies: Gasolinera Gulf, Servicio Combustibles Laredo SA de CV, Gasolinera Petrofuel, Gasolinera Petrum, Hidrosina and Panzer Division, also refused to sell fuel to authorities after they were threatened by CDN.

On Tuesday morning, state, marine and military policemen assisted by a helicopter, guarded a fuel source of the facilities of the 16th Regiment of Motorized Cavalry in Nuevo Laredo.

The police themselves filled the tanks of their units, in order to continue patrolling.

The news media Televisa had access to a conversation between a gas entrepreneur and an official from Nuevo Laredo.

In the audio, the moment is heard when the station owner tells the official that alleged hitmen threatened him:

Tamaulipas official: Neither Sedena, nor Marina, nor State?

Entrepreneur: No, no, none.

Tamaulipas official: For the same reason, right? That they were threatened

Entrepreneur: Yes, that is the truth 

Entrepreneur: I ask for your understanding ...

Tamaulipas official: And if we put security on them…?

Entrepreneur: No! No security. I really appreciate it, but right now the truth is that it is difficult. Maybe later in other circumstances it would be different.

On August 27, the Northeast Cartel suffered a severe blow, after seven of its members died in an armed confrontation with the Special Operations Group of the Center for Analysis, Information and Studies of Tamaulipas, in Nuevo Laredo.

According to reports, the hit men ambushed state elements aboard a RAM truck with Texas license plates.

The men were part of the criminal organization identified as "La Tropa del Infierno" , armed arm of the Northeast Cartel.

This bloodthirsty  cell is led by Juan Gerardo Treviño Chávez, alias "El Huevo”, who ordered an attack on a hotel where Tamaulipas police were staying , on August 23.

Before, a group of hit men from the CDN faced police elements.

The Northeast Cartel operates in one of the key areas for drug transfer to the United States. Tamaulipas is the border crossing, where tons of narcotics enter the northern neighboring country every year.


  1. LoL what a joke. Government are loooking who can supply them with fuel lol instead of setting a operation to kill these clowns that are treating the vendors lol

    GOVERNMENT: hi I would like to go in contract with you to supply us with fuel For our police and military.

    VENDOR: no sorry we are Threaten by the local cartel not to sell fuel to you guys. Sorry.

    GOVERNMENT: oh ok, thanks. Come on Felipe let’s go across the street and maybe we get lucky there.

    1. Extortionists at its finest. Where government and state officials are bullied by criminals.
      Shame on the government for allowing these individuals to suppress their duties.

  2. Yeah right, "Tamaulipas official: And if we put security on them…?" Jajajaja, what security are you talking about, come on, make me laugh again, jajajaja. You know what those bad boys need, but you have not rolled out the tanks and helicopter gunships to meet their force, such is why your 'security' is losing the war.

    1. They won't go full on. They only want to look like they're doing something. Don't wanna kill the golden egg laying goose. If Mexico really wanted to eradicate them, they'd call DT, and tell him to come get the bad hombres. But doubt the US really wants em gone either. Just a Dog and Pony show.

    2. I'm literally beginning to think the same my friend.

      Saludos E42

  3. Almo must be part of the Cartel. He doesn't stop. We r going fast Tamps. Help

  4. Looks like Cartel has control

  5. Each day....AMLO looking more and more like a little b1tch.

    1. 6:42 AMLO is taking on all the corruption and all the corrupt PRIISTAS AND PANISTAS you never had the guts to take on, and he did not start when he became presidente.
      You on the other hand will never do anything but parrot the lines of the Chayotero lobby and their FECAL affection.

  6. Tamaulipas is where the sicarios die the most, nobody respects them.. sad but true

  7. Almo is the new Cartel

    1. 5:19 will you explain WHY, someday?
      It looks too easy to just say shit without having any proof.

  8. Shows you how tight a grip the cartels, have over the nieghborhood, government can't protect it's citizens, does not respond in a timely manner to 911 calls, and some work together with the cartel.

  9. So now what should happen is..the military needs to install themselves show that they wont backdown

  10. Trevino's and cdn are just filthy scum

  11. Juanito only mad porque he know how he needs to do negocios.


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