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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Arsenal seized and CJNG members arrested in Zapopan, Jalisco

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat TY Gus from Aristegui Noticias  and FGRand Char 

Federal forces during a search secured an arsenal of 22 long and six short weapons, 70 loaders, two grenade launchers, a cannon tube, 41 grenade launchers, four grenade launchers, eight grenades and various parts of weapon mechanisms, in Zapopan, Jalisco.

Likewise, four alleged members of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel were arrested and 18 packages containing substances with the characteristics of cocaine and methamphetamine were seized by elements of the Attorney General's Office (FGR), in coordination with personnel of the Secretariat of Defense National (Sedena) and the Federal Police (PF).

According to a statement from the FGR, detainees trafficked  weapons from Los Angeles, California, and Central America.

The four mentioned are; Ricardo Arellano Díaz, Christian Ramón Valle Collantes, David Alberto Vázquez León and Carlos Almada Castillo; The latter is nicknamed "El Chicken" or "The Engineer" and is presumed to  have several addresses in Jalisco, dedicated to the sale and distribution of drugs in Los Angeles, California, and Guadalajara, Jalisco, in addition to the theft of vehicles. 

(Rumor has it that El Chicken worked directly for El Sapo or 090 top lieutenant of Mencho.)

Among the confiscated weapons, long weapons type AK47 stand out, better known as “goat horns” and AR15, in addition to a .30 caliber machine gun.

The authorities report that the confiscation was carried out thanks to an anonymous tip of about several men who were reported to enter weapons from abroad, which is why the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) initiated a file of investigation.

According to the police report, personnel of the Drug Enforcement Division of the PF, assigned to the investigation, said that the entry of these armed persons was observed at a domicile located in Zapopan.

As a result, the MPF of the FGR requested and obtained from the Eighth Control Judge of the National Center of Justice Specialized in Control of Investigation Techniques, Rooting and Intervention of Communications, with Residence in Mexico City, a search technique for referred property.

The MPF, accompanied by federal ministerial police (PFM) and experts specialized in various matters, in collaboration with elements of the Sedena and the PF, complied with the court order in which they were located : 22 long and six short weapons; 70 chargers; two grenade launchers, a cannon tube, 41 grenade launchers, four grenade launchers, eight grenades, 40 gauge; a silencer; various parts for firearm mechanism; two thousand 662 cartridges of various calibers.


  1. Chivis please don't tell me the currupted judge, will set them free, after a big bribe. I keep saying since, they kill anyone they should be shot on the spot, then again thier eye's get covered, so no one can I'd them in other killings.
    El Perin de Tamp.

    1. 11:57 Tamaulipas governor Francisco javier garcia cabeza de cagadas de vacas says NO to Guardia Nacional and promises "to get to work" after his private state police murders extrajudiciarily amd 8elements get arrested...
      --Veracruz fiscal general jorge winckler flees after getting wind of arrest warrants being issued for him.
      --Nayarit fiscal general Edgar Veytia gets 20 years prison sentence on the US amd a million dollars fine.
      --Guanajuato governor threatens to teach AMLO a lesson for not getting all the money he demands, his fiscal general got 9 more years in office after 10 years chewing that same bone under other governors. It is hard to shake some decency from judges who got to power under the puppets of the US and their war ON drugs, but AMLO is trying his best.
      AMLO also paid 100 billion peisos to Wall Street to get PEMEX out of debt...

  2. Abrasos no balasos.

  3. lol at that m16A1 20"pencil barrel with an m4/carbine furniture/handguard for a 14"barrel. looks so awkward.

  4. What's the thing on the tripod?

    1. a .50bmg cal Browning heavy machine gun

    2. 30 cal machine gun.

    3. 4:07 it is a machine to peel avocados,
      try and get out of its way.

  5. By now they have those guns back and probably committed crimes with them

  6. ni las usaron ni un disparo

  7. Hace unos años visité a mi hermana enferma en México. Mi cuñado me llevó a ver el castillo de Chapultepe, algo que siempre quise ver.

    Conduciendo por Ave Reforma señaló un edificio. Mire la azotea y vea todas las antenas. Ese lugar está lleno de gringos. DEA y policía y muchos espías. Cientos de ellos. No recuerdo cuántos pisos, pero quizás ocho.

    De esta manera, mediante la electrónica mágica, los gringos pueden filtrar un número tan grande que no puedo recordarlo de las llamadas celulares y reconocer voces y luego llevarlas a una computadora. Saben de dónde viene la voz. Incluso transceptores. los mexicanos que pasan las pruebas de prueba reciben información para quizás poner una trampa.

    1. Desde tierra caliente: So What’s your point?


  8. Those guys need to be shot on the spot. Too many officials have died.


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