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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

A Halcon Falls Asleep on his Watch

Sol Prendido for Borderland Beat from: Twitter

A new video has just surfaced of a halcón who fell asleep on his watch. It’s being speculated online that this is somewhere in Sinaloa. Video Translation Next Page:

The accent and the codes that are heard are evidence of this being so. If you’re somewhat familiar with the argot of locals then you can eventually narrow down what part of the country the people speaking originate from. 

Every region can be distinguished by the way people speak or act in just about most cases. Nonetheless, the debate remains open on wether this is a halcón from the Sinaloa Cartel or the Cartel del Noreste. 

With that being said let the digital ink spill forth on which cartel you think these men belong to. 

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario #1: Lets go! What’s going on!

Sicario #2: What the fuck boss! I’m here listening to what all is happening.

Sicario #3: Get over here now! Get the fuck out here.

Sicario #2: I’m here listening on the radio.

Sicario #3: Shut your fucking mouth 50 (Halcóns codename or call sign). Why the fuck did you fall asleep?

Sicario #2: 17 boss (17 code was said in response).

Sicario #3: Give this man your radio.

Sicario #2: No...


  1. Was he woken up by police or Rivals?

  2. Got killed for sure.

  3. I would imagine he got a good swaddling with one of those boards for such a transgression.

  4. Sinaloa don't play games plus if it was CJNG or CDN it would be a kid and that guy looks old
    El California

  5. The tablas(paddle) are probably imprinted all over his back if he got off lucky.. if not this fools dead.

    1. Tablas was used by Los Zetas during the reign of Z-3 in around the fall of 2004

  6. These people are garbage.

    1. 11:25 Chile Comes, you are so wise, Sherlock

  7. Imagine standing all the day behind the Sun and falling asleep in the dirt for $20USD a day

  8. Sinaloa does not use "cuazitos" paid for with their daily maruchan that fall asleep on their "watch", these pinchis foqueros are all cheap ass zeta inheritance.

  9. His fate depends on circumstances here, if they were spotted by La Marina or Police or shot at then he's dead. If he just fell asleep on a slow night then un tabliza. (Paddle Swaddling)

  10. this hapen en here in culiacan. every body was sharing this vid of the puntero that fell asleep and was woken up and tabliado


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