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Monday, September 30, 2019

2 Cancun Police Officers Attacked, 1 Dead, 1 Wounded 1MPD Reward Offered

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Excelsior y ElDiario
             Authorities offer 1 MDP for those responsible for attack against police in Cancun, QRoo

Just one week after an inspector of the State Police was executed in Cancun after being kidnapped and tortured, two motor- cycle policemen were shot yesterday morning and one apparently died.

According to preliminary reports, three subjects attacked the municipal police of Benito Juárez, killing one and leaving another badly injured.

The attack was reported to the emergency number 911. At 11 am the red code was activated for the attempted murder of two municipal police of the Single Command who were traveling on  motorcycles of the municipal Public Security Secretariat.

The armed aggression, for which one policeman died and another was injured, happened in the vicinity  of the La Joya subdivision, at the height of Supermanzana 254.

The Government of Quintana Roo through the Ministry of Public Security offers a reward of one million pesos to those who provide information on those responsible for the attack in Cancun.

The elements circulating on motor cycles were attacked by hitmen traveling in a van presumably a Ford Escape SUV.

The security elements were transferred to the General Hospital , where one of them, Albin López Valenzuela, died . In the chase, the hitmen's truck was abandoned on Supermanzana 255.

Secretary Alberto Capella Ibarra published through his social networks photos of the vehicle that is presumed to be the one used by the aggressors; indicated the amount offered by the government for the information and requested to make the complaint via 089.

Intense search for hitmen:
As part of the red code , elements of different corporations arrived in search of the attackers, who left a black suv abandoned near a ridge.

So far the authorities have not officially confirmed the death of the agent, who would be the second executed in the last two weeks,  José Antonio Archie Yama, inspector of the State Police of Quintana Roo was murdered. Albín's partner is in serious condition in the hospital.


  1. I’m surprised that bb didn’t say it was CJNG.

  2. "Take care" of the informant's identity?!?! LMAO. Like take them out the back and steal the reward money?

  3. Rifle appears to be an HK G36. Wonder if that was one of the many illegally imported by HK a few years back?

  4. ... That Weapon Is A FX-05 for the Mexican Military ... Really Don't See Them In Use With Cartels ... Since There Are Limited Quantities Of Them Made, It Should Be Easy To Find Out Where It Came From ...

  5. Those clean cops, not that many, have to be looking over their shoulder everyday. Imagine, you are enforcing law, and others are enforcing scicarios. What a shitstorm.

  6. The G36 was even on safe.

  7. Again the elements arrived late, even though the code rojo, was activated by 911.

  8. They are still free because they used the right get-away vehicle.

  9. Mexico needs death penalty. Mexico needs right to bear any arms.

    1. We do have it but it's only 380 and down on the caliber, only in the house no open or concealed carry, and expensive as shit. We mexican cowboys were the original cowboys that Texans got their style from. Classic Mexican attire is with a holstered pistol.


  10. What kind of gun is that?


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