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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Retaliation Massacre in Q Roo: 8 Shot Dead, 2 Wounded

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zocalo y En Cambio
Eight people died and two more were injured in a gunshot attack, which occurred early Wednesday, July 31, on the road leading from Felipe Carrillo Puerto to Bacalar in Quintana Roo. 

According to the first reports, the massacre could be related to the recent execution of Luis Alberto Interian May, better known as "El Negro Interian", a suspected drug trafficker in charge of collecting drug supplies in the southeast of the country, who was killed on July 25 in the town of Limones. 

The multiple homicide was recorded around 7:00 am at kilometer 71 + 570 of the Federal Agrarian Reform-Puerto Juárez highway, in the section of the town of Limones to Felipe Carrillo Puerto.

The Attorney General's Office of Quintana Roo reported that the first inquiries indicate that people were traveling aboard a red van with Yucatan plates, when they were shot by firearms by strangers.

The injured were taken to the Bacalar hospital, while the bodies will be transferred to the Forensic Medical Service to be identified by their families. 

Ministerial Police, experts in crime, ballistics and Prosecutors of the Public Ministry went to the place to process the area and carry out the lifting of evidence. 

Dozens of bullets:
According to the initial report, emergency numbers received a call around seven o'clock in the morning alerting about the events.

The victims were traveling in a red van with Yucatan plates when subjects were shot about 150 times and fled. The injured were transferred to the Bacalar hospital , which is currently heavily guarded.

The search for those responsible throughout the state continues.
This area is very close to the junction that leads to the archaeological site of Chacchoben, one kilometer from Limones .

Just yesterday the Ministry of National Defense announced that a small plane with drugs was located in that area. ( Post coming on that )

The Prosecutor's Office announced that it opened an investigation folder for these facts and the search for those responsible, who fled, has spread throughout the state.

"El Negro Interián", alleged drug trafficker who was executed in Limones - Juan Alberto "El Negro" I.,  allegedly in charge of collecting drug supplies in the Costa Maya region, died on July 25th morning, shot dead in Limones.
  The white Lobo Pick up of "El Negro Interian", alleged Capo del Plaza in Bacalear and Limones

The victim was circulating in this community in a white van, when he was intercepted by armed men who shot at him, seriously wounding him, near 10 in the morning.

A relative of the injured took him aboard a Red Lobo truck , in which he was taken to Chetumal; however, an ambulance of the GREM medical unit, escorted by a patrol, intercepts this vehicle at Kilometer 40 of the road, taking care of the patient and continuing the journey to the state capital.

However, before he could reach the hospital, the subject died, having been shot multiple times.


  1. El 53 aka El negro from CJNG gun down in zapopan, most likely CNP got him, he was a founder of cjng

  2. Many stranded cocaine packages arrive by the sea along Mahahual area in southern Quintana Roo. Many fishermen live off collecting and reselling lost shipments. Of course the Cartel is not happy with it.

    1. You think you would be able to move that weight around after catching a package at sea or on shore with no one noticing? Good luck fish bait!

    2. We'll, actually it's possible, just ask the Italians living in Mahahual

    3. Also, If you don't think that airport (runway) just north of town is used primarily for drug smuggling you are living under a rock....funny the military has a base right next to it isn't it? The money used to turn Mahahual from a remote fishing village to what it is today was all from drug money being laundered through the businesses, hotels, and restaurants in town. The 40 Canons Hotel has a not so secret history of being closely, very closely, associated with various criminal organizations.

  3. I remember the good old days when all we had to worry about were Ks of mota ! The good soldados would often show up right after a big incident and ask if I had seen “ anything “ . No No Señor, no pasa nada, quieres una cafecito ? Jaja.......

  4. The entire southern Quintana Roo is awash with drug smuggling, human smuggling (with overnight stash houses for migrants in the casitas, and money laundering. The entire town of Mahahual has been built by money being laundered. There are restaurants in that town (both downtown and in the casitas) that have little to no traffic EVER that are in business for the sole reason of cleaning dirty money.

  5. In Mahahual talk to the American owner of the hotel Cabello Blaco (tina sanchez) and her narco boss husband who spends most of his time in Cozumel tending to the family "ranch", oh, and manage the family business of import/export.


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