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Sunday, August 11, 2019

"Protected Witness" testified against El Carrete is gunned down

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  TY Chava from laverdad

Ambushed at his taco stand He testified against El Carrete, Los Rojos leader, and complicity of officials
No clue why it was necessary to blur the image
Israel Uriostegui, 23, was killed by unknown subjects who shot him six times in the back; The young man was a protected witness of the Attorney General's Office (FGR) when he testified against Santiago Mazari Hernández, alias 'El Carrete', leader of the Los Rojos criminal group.

The homicide occurred around 9:40 p.m. on Monday, August 5, on the Jojutla-Tequesquitengo road, at the height of the Los Manantiales unit, in the community of Tlatenchi, municipality of Jojutla.
Before the gunmen fled, they left a card with a message that said:
“This is going to happen to all the fucking snitches. Let's see if they learn that way.
Sincerely, Charly”
Customers of the taqueria and other people who witnessed the attack called for the Morelos Police and paramedics, but when they arrived they reported that the man had died.

At the site four .9 mm caliber percussed caps were discovered, and the message.

He testified against ‘El Carrete’ Rojos leader.

It transpired that in 2018, the young Israel Uriostegui was interviewed by Carlos Loret. In the interview he talked about the network of corruption and complicity between mayors and deputies of the state of Morelos and 'El Carrete'.


  1. Witness protection! Where?

    1. It’s a broken system!
      Should of fled Mexico !

  2. Damn cowards shot him in the back
    CARRETE might just walk out bn the jail pretty soon but he faces a losing battle to mencho but he thinks he has a chance just like marro SMH

  3. And this is why so many people choose to stay mum about it all. The insecurity breeds fear. So, guerrilla warfare is the next best option. Set aside the rules and allow for the ultimate reset to take place.

    1. That’s what I say, ppl must start fighting for their Mexico and force politicians to act.

    2. It happened already in Michoacan but it didn’t work because Mexicans can be swayed and bribed with peanuts. Once they took power from the Templars they couldn’t handle the “power” they gained and turned into cartels themselves. Sol, what makes you think that wouldn’t happen throughout the whole country if every citizen stood up?

    3. 946 lol force politicians to act. They are part of the problem, they work together with the cartel that feeds them money.

    4. @7:19 in theory yes it’s possible. But a good portion of people could care less about their fellow countrymen. Just look at how some people are towards their own neighbors. And then there are those who’d sellout in no time if the price is right.

  4. How was he identified?
    Did Loret de Mola identify him or his buddies saw the show where he testified.
    --He could not be protected because he was not being a government witness testifying in court, and even if he was...
    death will find your ass no matter what.

    1. You are confused. Loret de Mola was an interview subsequent to his sworn testimony in the charging phase, something like a grand jury does to determine if a person should be charged. try reading the entire article. It helps

    2. All I say is how was he a protected witness, no escorts, left on his own in his own hometown and if Loret did show his face.
      It did not take a great amount of specialized intelligence for the killers to locate and terminate him.

  5. Este vato tiene un corrido del larry hernandez que se llama el 8 de sonoita... cuando chambeaba por sonora

  6. The witness protection system is a joke in Mexico.


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