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Saturday, August 17, 2019

La Mera Verga leaves threatening message for El XL

Morelos, México - It was during the early hours of this Friday, around 2:00 a.m. when the body of a man was found within the city limits of Puente de Ixtla and Miacatlan. A narco manta was also left on top of him with a threatening message. The message was directed at a subject that is believed to be the leader of Los Colombianos gang in Morelos. It just as well went out to those who continue to support El Carrete.

Manta reads as follows:
This will be the fate of El Carrete’s dirty ass people. All you dirty asses better be fucking ready. And to all the municipal mayors: Get into fucking formation. Otherwise, for every dumbass that supports El Carrete your world will go to shit.  
Greetings there Francisco Javier Rodríguez aka El XL or El Zeus. I’m coming for your dirty ass you piece of shit. I’ll also be coming for you Francisco Mendiola Ravelli aka Pino. Especially those fourth rate faggots from Puente de Ixtlá aka El Mota and El Guero Valencia. It’s all being commanded by El XL. This is not a game.
Sincerely, The Grand Dick
An extortion collector for Los Colombianos was shot dead, after being ambushed on Otilio Montaño Avenue, in the Plan de Ayala neighborhood, in Cuernavaca.

In addition, the subject had a criminal record for car theft. The victim is David, 34, who resided in Santa María Ahuacatitlán.

The events occurred at 09:40, when merchants from Otilio Montaño Avenue asked for help from police and paramedics. For a man had been shot to death near the health center.

According to witnesses, David arrived in the neighborhood on a red and black motorcycle. When he was suddenly approached by a subject who pulled out a gun and shot him in the head. The shooter escaped running towards Emiliano Zapata street.

Once the police and National Guard elements were notified they  closed the avenue where the body lay.

Additionally, state authorities reported that the subject allegedly worked as an extortion collector for the Colombians. Among his belongings he had a notebook with the names of several people and the amounts owed catalogued.

Forensic experts at the scene gathered the evidence of various 9mm caliber casings for ballistic analysis.

Among the belongings an INE identification card was found with the name of the deceased. And a driver's license from the state of Guerrero.

When fingerprints were ran through the AFIS system, it was established that David N had a record in 2017 for possession of a vehicle with a report of theft.

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  1. Two different bodies? Different shoes, different clothes.

  2. Los Colombianos aren’t solely extortionists and specialize in “gota a gota” loansharking.

  3. I know it’s no laughing matter but were you able to type this title w a straight face? 😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

  4. sounds like the mera verga is the government themselves they might be playing games half of the cartels are politic founded


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