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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Iruapato Guanajuato: Commando Kills 8 in Poolhall, Wounds 3; Plus: 5 Dead in Yuriria

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: SinEmbargo
            Commando attacks inside a pool in Irapuato, Guanajuato; kill 8 people and injure 3
The events occurred around 10:00 pm on Saturday, when armed men opened fire on a group of people inside the establishment located in the Che Guevara neighborhood in Irapuato. 

Witnesses mentioned that at around 10 pm, at least ten people dressed in military style with tactical equipment fled at "full speed" after perpetrating the aggression. 

In 35 seconds a command riddled a group of people in a billiard hall with bullets which was located only a few meters away from the delegation of the Secretariat of Citizen Security, in the Che Guevara neighborhood, which left at least 8 people dead and three injured Saturday night. 

Everything happened so fast that the officers in charge of the police base did not act during the shooting until the aggressors fled the scene of the crime.  

"It was such a fast moment, 35 seconds, they just arrived and burst out, the people failed to repel  anything. There was persecution of the fleeing commando," Mayor Ricardo Ortiz Gutierrez explained Sunday. 

At around 10 p.m. at least ten subjects fired at several individuals who were on public roads and continued the attack to the interior of a room with pool tables, where they riddled several people who were enjoying themselves there.
As a result, three victims died in the building, one more outside, two in a taxi that transported them to the hospital and two others when they received medical attention. Three more people are seriously injured by firearm impacts that receive support at a hospital in this city. 
According to testimonies cited by national media, after the attack, the aggressors fled aboard two vehicles with an unknown direction.

Elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Guanajuato arrived at the site to cordon off the area and begin with the inquiries corresponding to these facts.

So far, the authorities have not issued official information regarding the identity of the victims or the aggressors.
         An element of the GN and 5 civilians die in an armed confrontation in Yuriria, Guanajuato:

The five civilians killed were identified as alleged attackers and died at the scene of the confrontation, in Adolfo López Mateos street of the Loma de Zempoala Community at the entrance to Jaral del Progreso. While the National Guard agent was injured in the area, he was transferred to Jaral del Progreso Hospital for medical attention, but when he arrived he no longer had vital signs.

The municipal government reported in a statement that the operation began after elements of the National Guard detected the security house of an alleged criminal group, so the elements were attacked and repelled the aggression.

This weekend there have been 31 homicides in the state of Guanajuato, among the victims is a lieutenant from the National Guard, a policeman from the city of León, as well as 5 alleged criminals who clashed with federal and state forces in the municipality of Yuriria and the 8 killed in the billiards of the colony Che Guevara de Irapuato.

The Business sector sends condolences for National Guard fallen in combat:

The president of the Business Coordinating Council of León, José Arturo Sánchez Castellanos, expressed his appreciation to the lieutenant of the National Guard and the municipal police of León, dejected from life the afternoon of this Saturday when they fulfilled their duty. 

The business leader and member of the State Security Council expressed solidarity with the families of the GN command that lost their lives in a confrontation with an armed command in the Loma Zempoala community, in the municipality of Yuriria, and of a municipal police during the persecution of two subjects.

"Our solidarity with the relatives of the element of the National Guard and the Police of León, who unfortunately lost their lives defending us." 

On behalf of the private sector, he expressed the greatest recognition, respect, admiration and gratitude. 

The president of the PVEM state committee, Sergio Contreras, said he was in Yuriria at the time when the shooting occurred in which the element of the GN was shot down. 

"We arrived at our tour in Yuriria, we saw elements of the three levels in total mobilization, being there we knew what happened and we regret in the Green Ecological Party of Mexico-Guanajuato the death of one of the elements of the National Guard." 
Contreras expressed his deepest condolences to his relatives.

In addition, three people were injured and reported stable.


  1. That is chicken, blast the pool hall, and run after 35 seconds. Can't even go to the pool hall or you get killed.

    1. I am not suggesting the victims were bad guys, but just so you know; ALOT of stuff goes down in pool halls.

    2. 7:33 in the 6Os it was already well known only vagrant mariguanos up to no good frequented those antros some call "pool hall", and since the first time I went to one with two older guys who escaped without paying I knew it was true.
      Going to dance halls was not better either, but I got addicted.

  2. Dentro de la comandacia
    ¿Cuántos minutos desde el tiroteo?
    Como diez
    Déle otros diez minutos, entonces será seguro ir allí.

    En tierra caliente la policía municipal no vendrá. Solo la policía federal responderá y vendrán en convoy y solo si hay cuerpos. El tiempo de respuesta es quizás de dos a tres horas.

    1. Gracias por su comentario.
      Siempre queremos noticias de gente de la Tierra.

  3. Marro really getting desperate, hes not gonna go out before taking as many lives as posible even if they have nothing to do with him loosing guanajuato to cjng

  4. Marro trying to heat things up i bet

  5. But guns are not legal in Mexico. How could this be??

  6. Pool halls, strip clubs, dance clubs=death. Just buy a bottle at oxxo and drink with yo fam-fam. They know where it's safe. If you go to resort, stay in the resort. If you wanna live that is.


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