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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Escobedo, NL: 3 Bagged Bodies

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Valorportamaulipas

The bodies of three lifeless people inside plastic bags were located in the Colonia Alianza Real, in Escobedo. The report was made at 8:00 am, when residents of the sector saw the stacked bags and where limbs were sticking out.

The bags are located on Calle Article 123 and Avenida Antiguo Camino a San Miguel, where elements of the Municipal Police attended, who confirmed the facts. 

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According to the investigations, these are the bodies of two men and a woman that are inside the bags and that could be severed. 

Agents of the Homicide Group of the Ministerial Police came to the scene to investigate the facts, while Expert Services personnel gathered evidence in the area. No identification or motive yet known


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    No resources for more and better, but the mother in law of governor La Mula Bronca collects millions of peisos from like 40 jobs as state worker, y que chinguen a su madre Los Polesias...

  2. El Gato tumbando contras


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