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Sunday, August 25, 2019

"El Perrillas" Arrested, Tláhuac Cartel in Mexico City

Yaqui  for Borderland Beat from: RadioFormula y Infobae
                            “El Perrillas” falls alleged leader of hitmen of the Tláhuac Cartel
                 After the death of "Los Ojos", he assumed leadership in the Tláhuac Cartel.

The Investigation Police (PDI) of the Office of the Attorney General of Mexico City arrested Carlos Ramón Hernández Martínez alias “El Perrillas”, identified as one of the leaders of a group of hit men in the service of the Tláhuac Cartel.
Detectives had been searching for Hernandez Martínez for over a month and found him and
The agency reported that in compliance with a search warrant at an address located in the Miguel Hidalgo neighborhood , in said city hall, “El Perrillas”, a 25-year-old man, who has an arrest warrant for his arrest suspected responsibility in the crime of attempted murder.
Through a statement, he said that during the arrest the narcotic drug known as crystal meth  was also located and confiscated, stored in plastic containers, in addition to a scale, meanwhile the detainee was placed at the disposal of the Prosecutor's Office for the Attention of the Crime of Narcomenudeo 

On June 27 , the authorities set up an operation to capture Carlos Ramón, but he fled. In an extra official way it was said that it was upon receiving information from the corporation itself.

The uniformed men arrived at the criminal's home, but only found their brother and brother, who said they had not seen "El Perillas" for a long time.

Carlos Ramón was a hit man of the deceased Jesús Pérez Luna "El Ojos" , former leader of the Tláhuac Cartel and right hand of Luis Felipe Pérez, "El Felipillo" , son of "El Ojos".

The hitman gained more strength inside the Cartel, after "El Ojos" was shot down and "El Felipillo" captured by the authorities.

"El Perillas" was wanted since 2017 , when he attacked a supposed rival in the mayor of Tláhuac. In that same year, the subject was arrested and immediately released.

They warn of a "new face" of violence: 

Last March, the  Attorney General's Office (FGR) confirmed that there is a "non-aggression pact" between the cartels of Tláhuac , Jalisco Nueva Generación and the La Unión de Tepito group to avoid unnecessary confrontations in Mexico City and Municipalities of the State of Mexico.

The above  was concluded thanks to telephone interventions to Luis Felipe "N",  "El Felipillo" alleged leader of the Tláhuac cartel , since 2018, federal government officials revealed.

The investigation that was carried out was part of one of the strategies to  dismantle the so-called Tláhuac cartel , identified as one of the criminal groups generating violence in the capital of the country.

The Office of the Special Prosecutor for Organized Crime (Seido) asked a control judge specialized in investigative techniques to order various  telephone numbers from Luis Felipe and  his half-sisters Diana Karen "N", "La Princesa" or "La Negra" as well as Samantha "N", "La Sam" , Milenio portal reported.
Diana is designated by the FGR as the successor to "El Felipillo"  while  Samantha, as the alleged financial operator  of the criminal organization.

All are children of Felipe de Jesús Pérez Luna, "El Ojos" extinct leader of the aforementioned criminal organization , who was killed on July 20, 201 

In the investigations it was determined that "El Felipillo" met the leaders of La Unión and the Jalisco cartel, and has prevented them from entering into conflict over the control of the sale of drugs and other illegal acts carried out by the CdMx and municipalities of Edomex.

During the interventions, the Federal Public Ministry agent learned that members of the Tláhuac cartel alerted "El Felipillo" about  narco-messages against the organization allegedly signed by the CJNG. He was also warned of extortion and threats against merchants and members of the criminal group , who live and operate in the municipality of Tláhuac, as well as in the Coyoacán area.

According to the recordings, which are part of a different research folder to the one that keeps him linked to the process, Luis Felipe ordered his subordinates not to take any action against the other groups, because on several occasions he  assured that he knows the members of the CJNG and that they were not the ones behind those acts.
The officials made it clear that communications intervention is a research technique, which must be corroborated with facts.

Thanks to this,  the Public Ministry is certain that there is a "respect" between the three criminal organizations and that the people who have tried to intimidate the Tláhuac cartel were minor criminals  who sought to position themselves, but ended up being raised.

It has also been corroborated, they added, that  the son of "Los Ojos" ordered the killing of two elements of the Ministry of Public Security in the capital .

The telephone calls were made to Luis Felipe, his sentimental partner Verónica "N" and his sisters: Diana Karen and Samantha.  It follows from the calls, they pointed out, that Veronica is not related to any crime, so she is free.

One of the telephone numbers intervened was 5549674923, which Diana used. The Subprocuraduría has several recordings where  the half sister of "El Felipillo" allegedly was responsible for the purchase and sale of drugs. He was heard talking about kilos, ounces and payments.

Today the federal judge will determine if Diana and Samantha are linked to prosecution for crimes against health in their mode of sale and trade of drugs, and for possession of a .25 caliber gun without permission.

The Attorney General's Office (FGR) maintains an investigation against Luis Felipe "N",  "El Felipillo" who would have assumed the leadership of the Tláhuac cartel, after the death of his father,  Felipe de Jesús Pérez Luna, "El Ojos "killed by Marinas during a showdown in 2017.

The Public Prosecutor of the Federation also investigates him as likely responsible for a series of kidnappings and extortions, in which he even  gave orders to kidnap or maim those who did not pay their "fee" . This investigation folder is independent from the one that was initiated for crimes against health and violation of the Federal Firearms.

The Attorney General of Mexico City made the telephone number (55) 5200 9000 and 800 745 2369 available to the public for additional information or other denunciations, Totally Anonymous.


  1. Arrest? Start executing these pieces of shit. They definitely will not be missed

  2. Arrest???come on. Kill one rat 10 more will come out.kill em all..

  3. I was robbed and kidnapped in Mexico a few years ago still trying to 'get over it'. Never will go back. Can't understand why they do this to just regular people? Eye For an Eye. They have no regard for life. Why should we?

    1. Fawk, for us softies in first world countries, that would be hard as fuck to just "get over it". Glad you made it out alive m8.

  4. 9:25 these people are not as scary as their police department partners who gave them warning to flee, they could have been recorded too.
    Mexico City is famous for that, but they operate like that all over the country, there has been too many corrupt Federales from the Capital making sure Estatal Police Departments "get productive", militarized police too, in the image of Luis Cardenas Palomino and genarco garcia luna.


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