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Thursday, August 15, 2019

"El Osmar" of La Unión Tepito Released

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Milenio y LaPrensa
On social networks, the "El Osmar" allegedly said: "The good thing is I am out to continue working ........We return, thanks to those who were 'in the bad'."  The "War" of the "Union" has murdered 37 people  in Tepito between Jan 1, 2019 and July 30, 2019, ie, 6 months.

Alexis Osmar, alleged leader of the La Unión de Tepito cartel, was released after remaining in the Eastern Prison (Reclusorio Oriente) since May for the crime of aggravated extortion.  

"El Osmar" benefited from an abbreviated procedure and pleaded guilty, so that on July 25, the reading and explanation of the hearing was held; that is, the final part of the oral trial. The control judge found him guilty and criminally responsible for the crime of aggravated extortion and imposed a penalty of three years and eight months. 
Likewise, the damage was ordred repaid for 5,000 pesos in favor of a businessman from a restaurant in Polanco area, whom "El Osmar" allegedly extorted the 5,000 pesos. As a security measure for the victim, "El Osmar"  is prohibited from approaching, seeking and maintaining any contact with the businessman, as well as with the persons who served as witnesses. 

               Nor can he approach the scene, such as the Roma-Condesa and Polanco corridor.

According to the head of the Attorney General's Office of Mexico City (PGJ), Ernestina Godoy , these are "measures that are being ordered by the judges, but I want to see why; apparently those who did the denouncing are no longer making complaints. We continue to be in contact with the businessman. 

"The official Godoy, ie, added that after this release "if there is legal reason, we will appeal the decision."

(NOTE: Nowhere did I find any indication of how, when or where he is supposed to serve his "time"; Released on OR ??)

Alexis Osmar  was arrested by investigating agents in the Polanco neighborhood, by the Miguel Hidalgo mayor's office, along with two other alleged members of the same criminal group in May.
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The capital PGJ reported that Alexis Osmar is designated as a drug distributor and the main extortion manager of bars and restaurants. 

He is also involved in the crime of kidnapping and manslaughter, the latter to the detriment of three men whose bodies were found burned in a car in Coapa, two years ago. 

The head of the Secretariat of Citizen Security revealed on February 2 that police from his unit were part of the structure of the criminal group La Unión Tepito, one of the most violent organizations in the capital.

This group has been accused, among other things, of extorting merchants in the Historic Center and in the commercial corridors of Rome-Condesa-Narvarte and Cuauhtémoc-Polanco-Lomas, among other points of the capital.

The police command confirmed that in the last days he separated from the service eight policemen of the central zone for their alleged complicity with said criminal organization.

After the arrest of the leader of the Anti-Union, Jorge Flores Concha "El Tortas" and one of the leaders of La Unión Tepito, Pedro Ramírez, "El Jamón", on May 28 there is a rearrangement of these criminal banks and the above can be verified with the violent acts that are committed in that disputed territory.

And another adjustment is also foreseen because not even three months passed and Alexis Osmar Flores Days aka “El Osmar” has now been released. 

He was arrested on May 18 in Polanco by agents of the Investigation Police after allegedly extorting the owner of a bar with five thousand pesos.

It transpired that "El Osmar" offered 600,000 pesos to anyone who gave him information about the detectives who arrested him.

Eduardo Clemente Zaleta "El Bandido", Axel Esli Espinoza, "El Axel", as well as "El Bengala" and "El Crismas" are also free.

In Tepito the blood runs easy and there are never any witnesses that expose the crimes that occur in their streets because there people know that they cannot be "chivatona" or run the risk of being the next victim because in Barrio Bravo where everything is known among them sooner or later.

According to data from the Digital Agency for Public Innovation (ADIP), from January 1 to the last day of July this year, 37 murders were committed in the streets of the Morelos neighborhood either on the side of the mayor's office of Cuauhtémoc or Venustiano Carranza.

The Cleansing:
To eradicate the members of La Unión, people from the Anti Union cell committed 14 murders of people linked to La Unión up until May of this year.

One of the first executions was recorded on the afternoon of May 1 on Toltecas Street where a man was shot while walking along that street.

Another double execution was recorded on May 8 at Bakers and Waist Railroad, in the Morelos neighborhood, where Micky was shot.
Afterwards, Kevin, a 17-year-old boy on the corner of Constance and Toltecas, was killed, apparently after taking part in the execution of Micky.

According to the investigation files initiated by intentional homicide, the victims reportedly engaged in drug trafficking or had complaints of extortion, in addition to all being close to all the leaders of the  Union Tepito.

After the murders occurred, most of the relatives arrived in the area and claimed that the victims were merchants and generally claimed to be unaware of who could have killed them and why.


  1. Judge got bribed, caso Cerado. But be nice to be set free, to kill again.

  2. Why even bother with arresting anyone in the first place.

  3. That gun looks like it was planted

  4. Truth in way.
    Hey Mr. Businessman, here's your measly restitution that may buy you enough gas for you and your family to get not quite halfway out of town.

  5. "As a security measure for the victim, "El Osmar"  is prohibited from approaching, seeking and maintaining any contact with the businessman, as well as with the persons who served as witnesses."
    Well! Thank God for that! If El Osmar wasn't prohibited from any contact with the resteraunt owner or witnesses who put him in jail those guys could be in real danger! Thankfully El Osmar would never think of breaking any laws or hurting anyone like those "three men whose bodies were found burned in a car in Coapa, two years ago." And there's no way that El Osmar is the type of person who would seek revenge like when he "offered 600,000 pesos to anyone who gave him information about the detectives who arrested him.".........Jesus what a sick fucking joke. I hope those guys already kissed their families goodbye and made out their wills. The judges down there literally sentenced them to death while good old El Osmar got his hand slapped and returned to the streets to "continue working" that's some straight up Mexico style justice right there! Things really are getting better! I think everything is going to be ok after all.

    -Solothurn la Arma

  6. This is in the city where no crime ever existed, specially under the FECALATO DEL DIABLO or under EPN reign, this mofo has a lot more behind his release, cooperation, information and impunity at work. Rivals need to run behind covers at their mamas' houses.

  7. Ya canto, ora se lo van a chingar sus mismos compas.
    Nadie sale del bote nomas porque esta muy chulo.

  8. What the hell, don't tell me not enough evidence to have him in jail, what the outcry.

  9. Is la union tepito a cartel or gang? Never heard of them


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