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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Dominican Republic:  “Largest Operation Against Organized Crime” In Country's History, Octavio Dotel, Luis Castillo -- ex-MLB stars -- Arrested

Armadillo BorderlandBeat From KHOU & Treasury

Authorities in the Dominican Republic have arrested former MLB pitcher Octavio Dotel and cited ex-infielder Luis Castillo for their alleged links to a drug-trafficking and money-laundering ring, officials said Tuesday.

Dominican Attorney General Jean Alain Rodriguez said police are also actively pursuing the alleged leader of the ring, Cesar Emilio Peralta, also known as “Cesar the Abuser.” Castillo — not the current Cincinnati Reds’ pitcher — has not yet been arrested.

“Eighteen other people are linked to this network, including athletes and baseball players Octavio Dotel and Luis Castillo,” Rodriguez said in a news conference, calling it “the most important drug trafficking structure in the region.”

He said Peralta created a complicated system of companies to hide the origins of his assets, using members of his family and social circles, “including two sports figures in the Dominican Republic. 
Rodriguez said the U.S. government and police agencies participated in the investigation.

Dominican officials say a 1,050-kilogram shipment of drugs heading from South America to Puerto Rico was one of several seizures attributed to this ring.

On his Instagram account, Castillo denied any ties to drugs.

“The truth is my country no longer works, my God, do you think that after making millions of dollars in Baseball I am going to dirty my hands with drugs?” the former player wrote.

Castillo was a three-time All-Star, won three Gold Gloves and was a member of the 2003 Florida Marlins team that won the World Series.

There was no immediate comment from Dotel, who set a record for playing on more MLB teams than any other player. The teams were: the Detroit Tigers, St. Louis Cardinals, Toronto Blue Jays, Colorado Rockies, Los Angeles Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago White Sox, Atlanta Braves, Kansas City Royals, New York Yankees, Oakland Athletics, Houston Astros and New York Mets.

Armadillo Note: This comes a few months after the assassination attempt of "Big Papi" David Ortiz, who was victim of mistaken identity.

Dominican officials further identified Dominican drug trafficker Víctor Hugo Gómez, a known associate of the Gulf Cartel, and a cousin of the intended victim, as having solicited the murder.

According to the authorities, Gómez "suspected his relative of betraying him to Dominican drug investigators years earlier." Gómez was arrested by Dominican authorities on June 28, 2019.

Also today, the Office of Foreign Asset Control designated Cesar Emilio Peralta, several of his associates and businesses as part of the Kingpin Act


  1. Let the hit on David Ortiz conspiracies began

    1. It's not far fetch bug papi is involve in shady business.

  2. Some of these guys get into it for the thrill and power. Aaron Hernandez is a good example.

    1. 7:04 many fans love power and thrills, but the most they can get itls to buy a card and watch some pay per view games, at home, refreshed by cheap ass beer served warm and stirred by jealous wives, present only because they want to give the eye to somebody else, so, don't blame nothing but greed for the players failures.
      I am sure their many travels are fed by a need to promote their shitty wares, and some owners enhance their money offshoring by supporting a few players in exchange, some of them even get the ball put their way, nothing new since Arnie Rothstein fixed the black Sox world Series back in the days when Sol was still young.

  3. Straight up greed explains why, despite making millions, he turns to drug money laundering. But the truth will hopefully come out in the court.

    1. 7:55 Dumbasses and their money are soon parted,
      --ask Cassius Clay whathehell happened to all his millions of dollars, or to his Olympic medals, chinga...
      --Mohammed Ali also got smarted out of even more millions of dollars, like every other boxing champ.
      --Mike Tyson who became the chicken nobody buys also got knocked out of all his money and now trains for exhibition in hotel Lobbys when he is not pimping his tiger to bachelor parties because nobody knows whathehell happened to all his money...
      --there should be a baby court supervising all these super retarded heros, their money and their retirements, crooks like Don King is POOR TOO! GADDEMET! HE STOLE FROM ALL AND LOST IT ALL, but he never boxed a day in his life except to kill sombuddy with his own punching hands. And yet the land of investigations, with the best of the best on board can't never clear shit like that even if their ass is on the coals...
      In the Republica Dominicana somebody will beat the truths out of their arses if the santeros don't rescue them on time with their Palo Mayombe, Haiti next door will help.

  4. Mexico judge approves recreational cocaine for two users

    1. What's the process entail? Can any doctor prescribe? Wish the prescriptions were valid state side. It would be time for me to return to Tiajuana.

  5. Sports athletes don’t have a 401k. They blow through their money to keep up image. This is probably the fastest retirement fund

  6. Why should thos surprise anyone here.
    People with money invest in all business investments. No different from those CEOS,bankers and wallstreet cronies. Make &hide money from government and taxes.

  7. The dominicans really seem to have a pretty good system going on- they get keys of coke for like 10k- have the whole northeast usa on lock- especially nyc and the boston area-
    And idk how they get those "fingers" of h into the us- but they been doing that for a long time also- for a small country, they have A LOT of people working.

    1. 10K a brick? Wow, they really just printing money with those prices. My aunt is married to a Dominican, I might have to give him a call lol.

    2. 9:16 Dominicanuses are much in demand,
      But not because of their Baseball Skills,
      Just because they carry a Big Baseball Bat wherever they go.


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