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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Clashes in Tamps: 2 Hitmen Dead 3 Officers Wounded w Video

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Excelsior y Eldiaro
The elite group of the Secretariat of Public Security of Tamaulipas had a double confrontation with members of organized crime, in the triangle formed by the municipalities of Valle Hermoso, San Fernando and Reynosa, resulting in two alleged criminals killed , three police officers injured , a vehicle and armament confiscation.

The first attack was recorded at 1:45 p.m. on Tuesday on the San Fernando-Reynosa highway, at the height of the La Purísima ejido, near the point known as “La Y” and which separates the route to Matamoros.

A group of elite agents belonging to the Tamaulipas Intelligence and Studies Analysis Center left Victoria City for a base near Reynosa. On the way they were surprised by an armed convoy.

          The criminals were able to injure, not seriously, a state agent, who was taken to a hospital.

Because they were outnumbered the officers asked for support, so various corporations moved to the site and by helicopter trying to locate the gunmen without succeeding.

The second confrontation occurred four hours later in a gap that leads from San Fernando to Matamoros at the height of the Francisco Villa ejido.

The special agents were on guard and in the surprise attack by a caravan of men two policemen were injured. According to a report, their injuries are also minor.

By repelling the aggression, the officers managed to kill two criminals by also securing two weapons, as well as two vehicles. The rest of the individuals managed to flee.

The triangle formed between the municipalities of San Fernando, Valle Hermoso and Reynosa has rebounded an index of violence.

One of the most delicate cases was the armed attack on the former deputy director of the Ministry of Health of Tamaulipas, Horacio García Rojas, when he went to Reynosa to be surprised by gunmen who managed to damage the vehicle he was traveling in and fortunately so much he as his companion came out unharmed.


  1. In Nuevo Laredo CDN chasing down estatales on the highway , video circulating online.

  2. R things going to continue like this is this the new norm. I am not going

  3. Wait a minute, the minister of health escaped the sicarios?
    That is facked up.
    Then again, when helicopters and units from all the Elite Death Squads on the Star of Tamaulipas could not find the rest of the Sicario Convoy, may mean there was no convoy and they just wrongly Murdered or at least "accidentally" assassinated one more couple of Falsos Positivos...
    i believe this is the case.

  4. The other suspects got away, why is back up always tardy, to help in a deadly situation.

  5. Good luck with Cartels they r in control

  6. It's usually real chill en la 101, everytime I past by coming from mañamoros towards Tula ay un chingos de estatales y soldados. Siempre los estatales andan patrullando solos pero los soldados andan con los de fuerza tamaulipas en sus trokas y aparte ay tienen reten en la idriega pero de todos modos de que llegen para apoyar ya se pelaron los sicarios.

  7. Does anyone know how long it takes to drive frm nuevo laredo to Miguel aleman?

  8. 5:22 Through imaginary brechas, sometimes it takes forever for the polesias, for criminals it is a one second trip, specially when "they murder Falsos Positivos..."


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