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Friday, August 16, 2019

CDN attacks Fuerza Civil in Nuevo León

An aggression against Fuerza Civil took place last night in Vallecillo, Nuevo León. CDN (Cartel del Noreste) are said to be the aggressors. The events took place on the Carretera Monterrey between kilometers 160 and traveled as far as kilometer 137. Sources on the ground are saying that a convoy of 15 armored vehicles belonging to CDN ambushed the Fuerza Civil. An M203 grenade launcher was supposedly used to attack the police unit. These same sources are also claiming narco camps belonging to CDN exist within this area.

The following are the policemen and their injuries:
Eduardo: Sustained a leg injury
Gregorio: Sustained a hairline fracture on his cranium 
Jesus: Sustained an injury just above his right eye

Video translation is as follows:
Policeman #1: Dude I don’t know if this police unit belongs to us or not. Is it one of ours brother?
Policeman #2: Yes, it’s one of ours. 
Policeman #1: Dude but who does it belong to?
Policeman #2: I think it belongs to El Chamoy. I really don’t know who it belongs to. 

Policemen #1: Fuck. I think it does belong to El Chamoy. Can you see the police unit number? Be careful dude, the flames tend to jump out because that shit is hot. 

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  1. The only place in the world where criminals and law enforcement are one the same.

    1. Traitors are everywhere, I´ve heard some "americans" have joined "isis"..
      lastly, this is typical of a 3rd world country, not just "us"

    2. The only place? Come on, there are plenty of Latin American countries where this is true. Even in the US, there are tons of dirty cops, CBP and DEA taking money to look the other way.

    3. 8:11 america is composed of dozens of countries which 1 r u exactly talking about?


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