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Friday, August 16, 2019

Authorities Identify Remains of Bagged Bodies in Veracruz

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Aristegui y El Sol
The morning that residents of the community of Las Higueras belonging to this municipality made the macabre discovery of 5 bodies of lifeless people tied and bagged on the path of a banana plantation.

The ministerial agents, expert services and other police authorities were requested to carry out the corresponding investigations.

The identity of these people is unknown until now, and they were transferred to the necropsy room of the Forensic Medical Service of Martínez de la Torre.

The Attorney General of the State of Veracruz (FGE) identified the people who were killed and whose remains were found in plastic bags on August 8 in Maltrata and on August 9 in Vega de Alatorre.
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The FGE recalled that on August 8 an anonymous call was received alerting about black bags, possibly with human remains, on Highway 150 Veracruz-Mexico, at the height of the return of Paso Conejos, kilometer 242 + 700.

Prosecutor's staff found a man's torso on the dirt road and fifteen black plastic bags with human remains in the process of rot.

The FGE identified the following people among the victims:

-Brian “V” , 26 years old, originally from Río Blanco and a neighbor of Mariano Escobedo .
 He disappeared on August 5.

-Irvin "V" , 23 years old, originally from Río Blanco and a neighbor of Mariano Escobedo.
He also disappeared on August 5.

-Jonathan Paul “V” , 28 years old, residing in Río Blanco.

-Clemente “V” , 60 years old, originally from Teziutlán, Puebla , and a neighbor of Río Blanco.

On August 5, an investigation folder was initiated for his disappearance, after receiving a complaint.

Regarding the five bodies found on the state highway in the town of Las Higueras, municipality of Vega de Alatorre , the FGE reported that one was female and the remaining four were male.

The woman, who has not been identified, died due to wounds caused with a white weapon in the thorax as well as a 31-year-old man identified as Ulysses Alberto "V".

Juan "V" and Miguel Eduardo "V" , 41 and 32 years old respectively, died from strangulation and a man who has not been identified, suffocation. Juan and Ulises Alberto were originally from Quintana Roo and Miguel Eduardo was born in Veracruz but was domiciled in Quintana Roo.

Juan and Miguel Eduardo were deprived of their liberty by unidentified people in the city of Veracruz  according to testimonies of their relatives. Due to the state of decomposition in which they were found it is believed that they were killed in the city of Veracruz and the bodies were transferred to Vega de Alatorre.

The last activity recorded by Miguel Eduardo's cell line is in Las Bajadas neighborhood , in the city of Veracruz, on August 2 at 10:40 p.m., so the FGE inferred that since that day they were held in captivity.

I purposely left off the photo of the unidentified woman.

RIP/DEP Let their families have closure.


  1. I read that the police of veracruz is been investigated for the desmembering of Brian, irvin, jonathan paul and clemente, reason they are been investigated is that they arrested 2 of them and never took them to jail

  2. Ouch everyday lots of murders transpiring, now what could the lady, they show deceased, have done to deserve getting killed. When will the citizens, people rise up and defend themselves against killers.

    1. Could are be they we're handed over to the cartel, that the police work with.

  3. Well at least they died in one piece

  4. This is ridiculous, there will be no Mexicans left soon at this rate

  5. I am flabbergasted, innocent people killed again, doesn't MEXICO have special agents to take care, of lawlessness cartels killing thier citizens. Here in USA we have the FBI, what is the equivalent in Mexico?

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