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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The love for them is clearly evident

Ciudad Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua - Political hatred has taken extreme proportions in this municipality.

The target of new attacks is Mayor Carlos Tena, who is holding a personal power dispute against Governor Javier Corral.

Two funeral crowns on the Jorge Castillo Cabrera Road,  were placed on the wall of the Pierre Faure school.

Witnesses pointed out that one of the funeral wreaths had the dedication "Tena" and another "Solis". Solis is the Secretary of the mayor. His name is Rafael Solis and he is the leader of Morena in the city.

The report stated that around 7 in the morning parents denounced the incident.

It could be a double threat of death, as is typical in the underworld.

The subversion occurred while Governor Javier Corral vacations in Mazatlan.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat SOURCE


  1. las ratas estan desesperadas porque se hunde el barco!

    1. 9:36 y tu gritando que se hunda! que se hunda!
      Pinche Gilbertona, cinica.

  2. Sol make a video of this, for when they shoot it out at the ok caral. May the fast gunslinger win.

  3. Another POS governor

    1. 1:22 ardent defender of FECAL, PAN governor Javier Corral is trying to keep his hands clean until he becomes presidente de Mexico at least. FECAL's new imaginary political party may even help him, but Margara Zavala FECAL wants to be the candidate first, they are still trying to get 10 signatures first, but, pero ni con tortas las acompletan.


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