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Monday, July 8, 2019

Morelos: El Carrete once again threatens his rivals

This morning several mantas were hung with the same message in different parts of the State. The sites where the mantas were located were: On the bridge that is located at the height of Plaza Galerias, another one in the municipality of Temixco in front of the tianguis, and a third behind the main supply store of Emiliano Zapata.

Manta reads as follows:
This goes for the person who likes to call himself La Mera Verga. Come out to the battle so that I can fuck you all up once and for all instead of putting up your small mantas and grasping at straws. You don’t even have the nuts to sign off on your mantas. If this was you Abel Maya Bandera aka El Maya, Jose Valdez Chapa aka El Señor de la V, Crispín Gaspar from Temixco aka El Crispín, or you Irving Solano Verá aka El Gato/El Profe. Then let it be made clear that you all and just as well Los Linos can suck my dick. You’re all on the way out of the state of Morelos. I’ve given you some time but I’m tired of seeing how you fuck over all the citizenry with your wave of kidnappings and extortions. Therefore I will exterminate everyone in order to return Morelos to its tranquility and security. Beforehand I’d like to thank the citizenry of Morelos for helping fight against this gang of scum. This is what hurts them the most. To see that the whole state of Morelos supports me.  
Sincerely, El Señor de Los Caballos 

I have the balls to sign my work. You’ll have to forgive my language but I have to give this gang of faggots a response. Stop placing your small mantas and come out to the confrontation.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from VXT


  1. Cjng/la familia michoacana has morelos, this guy from los rojos is desperate like mayo trying to bring back the oldschool from the dead

  2. Santiago Mazari Hernandez, El Carrete, El Senor de los Caballos, lider de "Los Rojos" que le declaro la Guerra al Mencho, was arrested in 2008 but released early 2009in spite of having been found guilty of the charges imputed. Because his sentence fell within 5 years of prison that made him eligible for bail, and he had a fine of 100 days which means minimum wages in cash, about $200.00 for the BLO member.
    No data about how much kickback to the prosecution and the judges.

  3. There have also been narcomantas signed by "La Mera Verga" since 2018 in Cancun. Wonder what criminal group is this. Or is it that anyone can call themselves LMV as a generic name...

    1. el mencho calls himself LMV aka la mera verga in mantas

  4. How are they able to get fotos of the people, and put them on the manta. The press blocks criminals faces. But this cartel did not block thier eyes. What next Senor de Los Gatos?

  5. Anybody else addicted to bb? Necesito break

  6. El Carrete, Santiago Mazari, is the leader of Los Rojos. Los Rojos main source of revenue, is running smack to the USA. Los Rojos is a spin-off of BLO. A lot of those people down there. El Pez is his main competition from the old La Familia. El Carrete at last count (year ago) controlled a dozen plazas, including Chilpancingo, capital of Guerrero. El Caratte is up there and has bigger mantas.

  7. _. Abundância Arbitrário bem como Mais Poemas.

  8. makes me laugh how each cartel boss who leaves these mantras tries to use the whole moral standpoint approach like kidnapping and extortion is something they would never consider to do in a million years. Yeah rite. What they really mean is they want the kidnappings and extortions from their rivals to end so they can do it themselves and reap the benefits.

    At the end of the day they are all the same pieces of shit just from different piles of dog poop.

  9. He threatens but does nothing, just like the Sinaloa cartel said they would get revenge on the baby killer cartel for killing babies, that was weeks ago, I am still waiting.

  10. Chivis is out of commission, hope all is fine.

  11. AMLO needs to capture a couple of capos to send a message, that is if he really wants to lower crime.

  12. You forgot “to mayor x, governor x, police chief x, we know you protect x”

  13. Yep is pretyped, just add in the name of your cartel, some foul language and then your a bad azz.

  14. Everyone says that cjng are like the Zetas when they took over Mexico doesn't know the cartels differenc. Maybe mencho is like the zeta bosses when it comes to taking plazas on their prime but cjng has the cuinis to back them up $$$


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