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Monday, July 1, 2019

Monclova Coahuila: CDN sets fire to businesses

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from Vanguardia

Armed men, [presumed to be CDN] set fire to the Antigua bar and a taqueria located on Pape Boulevard, as well as the Philadelphia Bar

The red code was activated for police corporations early Monday morning in the central region of the state after men set fire to the Antigua bar and a taqueria located on Pape Boulevard, as well as the Philadelphia Bar, the events were simultaneous and registered in Monclova from 4:30 am on Monday, finally the criminals concluded leaving a message on the bridge of the Western colony in Ciudad Frontera.
Unofficial sources claim that witnesses to the fire at the bar that was left in ashes argue that those responsible for causing the fire descended from a vehicle wearing bulletproof vests to finally go to the main avenue of Monclova to shoot at two other establishments.

The events only left material damage but a strong police mobilization that has been continuous in the region.


  1. Great. Burn all the establishments down and collect nothing.

  2. Does AMLO know about this?

  3. Sincerely doubt two guys would risk getting caught doing such public displays of criminality without complicity of the government polesias suppossed to keep order in the city.

  4. They must have been selling points

  5. They must have been selling drugs out of those places, great way to get the message through

    1. Well... they are bars, and alcohol is a drug, so yeah I think you’re correct there lol

  6. The businesses could also have refused to pay protection money to the cartels or their associates. In return, their refusal to give in to extortion might be the root cause for the arson of both businesses.

  7. Unfortunately no one was captured.

  8. Morena Senador Federal Armando Guadiana Tijerina may own the place, you don't take on the Moreiros without paying for it, they are pretty much capable of going to work with los zetas even if they get screwed up the ass again...
    "Sigo siendo Director de Seguridad Publica"/ //
    dice el Coronel Vitorino Resendiz; El Comandante (GATEM alias) "Ranger" sigue trabajando con el, su nombre Carlos Francisco Reyes Carmona, a pesar de las denuncia en su contra por levantamientos, robots, brutales golpizas, amenazas de muerte, allanamientos, etc etc... "si alguien se siente afectado, que denuncie" dice Vitorino, despues de ocultar para quien trabajaba "el ranger" por anos...MONCLOVA se nego a oarticipar del Mando Unico, they have the best criminals working as police officers there already....FUERZA COAHUILA, GATEM Y POLICIA MUNICIPAL..
    --2019 director de Seguridad Publica Municipal Victor Pinales, alcalde Enrique Soto Ojeda are they under attack?


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