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Friday, July 5, 2019

"Los Rojos" in Puebla: 30 Minute Shootout at Kindergarten Graduation

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: SinEmbargo
                               Tragedy: Kindergarten graduation ceremony ends in shootout
                        In the state of Puebla there was  a shootout during the graduation festival

Criminals unleash shooting in Puebla's kindergarten graduation; report 4 dead and 4 injured , numbers are preliminary.

Among the dead is Juan Herrera, alleged leader of the drug trade in the area, a brother of his, two municipal police officers and a wounded student whose identity and age has not been confirmed. The assault was recorded shortly after noon today.

Agents of the State Police and the Mexican Army arrived, which perpetrated a second confrontation the subjects - related to the criminal group of "Los Rojos" - they were pursued to the municipality of San Pedro Yeloixtlahuaca.
At this second point, two uniformed elements were seriously injured, in addition to a civilian, which were transferred to the General Hospital of Acatlán de Osorio.

The agents of the General Prosecutor's Office of the State of Puebla went to the scene of the crime to begin with the procedures of the removal of corpses.

In local media in the state of Puebla , shootings are reported in the municipality of Guadalupe de Santa Ana, in the Mixteca region of Puebla .

According to local media, the shooting lasted more than 30 minutes. Armed men entered the campus while the closing ceremony was taking place .

Media reports that the armed men went by the mayor of Guadalupe Santa Ana, when the municipal president was on the podium of the school event.

In an interview for the local media, Zafra News, a witness explains that the armed group surrounded the school when the closing event was about to end.

It is thought that the motive was the kidnapping of the President of the Municipality who was presiding at the event.

So far the number of victims is unknown. It is currently thought there is at least four dead and several, at least four,  gravely injured.

Teachers, parents, guests and children all had to hit the floor for the duration of the shooting.
Other School Shootouts:
In recent weeks there have been a series of armed attacks outside schools of different entities that have left as a result minors murdered. Only on June 25, Lenin Gabriel, only 8 years old and Manuel Hinojosa Giles Elementary student in Nezahualcóyotl, State of Mexico, was injured by a gunshot to the chest and lost his life hours later, after an attack where a man died in front of his school.

In that case, Mexican authorities reported that Ivan "N", a detainee as probable perpetrator, was linked to the trial for the crime of homicide.

While on June 18, a father and a girl of approximately five years of age were killed in an armed attack recorded in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.

The Municipal President reported on his Facebook account that the minor was murdered when he was heading to his kindergarten.

While the father was killed a few meters from the entrance to the kindergarten "Luis Donaldo Colosio" to which, according to media, came for the graduation of his daughter.

The armed attack was committed near the school located in the streets of Lulú Creel and Ejido Hidalgo, in the neighborhood of Terrenos Nacionales, and it was allegedly perpetrated by two men driving in a truck.

Parents and children witnessed the attack where the girl was hit by a shot in the head; Later, she died on the way to the hospital, according to the Undersecretary of Education and Sports in the North Zone, Judith Soto Moreno.

At first it was said that the child was the daughter of the man, however, after the report he confirmed that his daughter left unharmed and was safeguarded by the preschool staff, and that the dead child was not his daughter.

The kindergarten graduation ceremony was suspended and the area was cordoned off by the authorities.


  1. Only 1 cartel shoots at a daycare or kills infants thats the cjng.

    1. 8:05 burning Guarderia ABC helped Guillermo Padres get to be governor of Sonora, he milked the incident to score points just as much as attempts on the lives of other contenders and outright murders, intimidation and vote manipulation... CoincidenciasGPE.

  2. No rules of combat with these pukes. A kindergarten graduation!?!?

    1. Bad as it is, I believe there was no intent to kill children...
      Blame the scrap left behind by other narcos and governments for the collateral casualties, as Senor Prince says...

  3. Amazing The Volince continues. Murder Rates up. Miltary and army disbanded increase crime. Amlo what r u doing??? Illegals taking over 🇲🇽. Amlo more concerned about Central American jobs, than higher wages for Mexican.

    1. and seeing your spelling skills, AMLO needs to be more concerned about education in Mexico.

  4. Well, it looks like, school shootings are not only in the U.S.

    1. Apples and oranges...U.S. school shootings are perpetrated by deranged, mentally ill individuals who have general homicidal intent...while in Mexico, the individuals involved in the shootings specifically target a rival group or individual. The former group is barely in, if not out of, touch with reality, and the latter, know exactly the objective and goal within the drug game.

  5. Heartless low life criminals. Good thing there was police to repel the attack. Had they not been there, I am sure lots more Innocents would have been dead.

  6. Ha fallado el plan de AMLO para la reducción de la violencia. Una persona no evita ser mordida por un perro rabioso lanzándole saltos de carne.

    1. 10:46 your sesos have fallen victim to the brainwashing.
      How about you go help Juan Guaido fight his "revolution" with his plastic bananas and fake garbage truck eating sicarios?

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. 7:02, nice wise-crack but this is a different animal.

  9. That's probably the best option for AMLO. The murder continues at record levels.
    Question is, how many will be innocently executed or persecuted?
    There is always controversy of human causality.


  10. Fucking cowards . They are animals . Predators that need to be eradicated like the vermin they are .

  11. 1:46 have you ever seen people dying?
    Some people kick real hard as their last breath gets nearer, others just let go in their bloomers.
    Y Arriba AMLO, que es su mero PADRE FOR 5.5 MORE YEARS!


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