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Friday, July 19, 2019

Ex Chief of Security Arrested for Huachicoleo w Ties to Organized Cartel Crime

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Aristegui

Agents of the Attorney General's Office (FGR) arrested Colonel Socrates Herrera , former Physical Security Manager of Pemex, on Thursday for his probable responsibility in the crime of organized crime, with the purpose of committing crimes involving hydrocarbons and illegal abduction of hydrocarbons.

Socrates "H", as identified by the FGR in a statement , was arrested in the state of Guerrero, without the use of violence or involvement with third parties, to be made available to the judicial authority of the Federal Criminal Justice Center in Almoloya de Juárez , Mexico state.

The FGR added that it has completed five arrest warrants related to the criminal case against General Socrates Herrera.

On May 10, the former military and former employee of the Department of Physical Security Services of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) Moisés Merlín Sibaja said in an interview for Aristegui Live that senior officers of the parastatal, on orders from General León Trauwitz, ordered them to take clandestine hydrocarbons as part of your job.

Moisés Merlin Sibaja said that Colonel Socrates Herrera ignored the threats Pemex personnel suffered from organized crime so that they would not disable clandestine takes. The cartel wanted them for themselves.

“The criminals had also threatened us with death for doing that activity. In Tierra Blanca, Veracruz, together with two companions after disabling clandestine shots in a place called Las Prietas, we were intercepted by three vehicles, with long weapons and they threatened to kill us, they told us to get out of there, off now, we let the bloodthirsty cartel have it ; the sun was rising for everyone but  also death awaiting us, ”said Merlin Sibaja.

The former employee of Pemex said he reported these threats to Colonel Socrates Herrera, who acted “as if it were a simple comment, did not give importance. He didn't show concern. ”


The history of Socrates Herrera:

Socrates Alfredo Herrera Pegueros began working at Pemex in September 2015 , as assistant manager assigned to the Sub-Directorate of Strategic Safeguard, with a net monthly salary of 96,283 pesos.

In his estate statement of that date he reported owning two apartments, two houses and two cars:  a Cadillac and a Honda truck. In his most recent financial statement, already as general manager at the oil company, Herrera decided not to show her assets or income.

Before entering Pemex, he worked as assistant chief of the Senior Officer of the Sedena between October 2001 and August 2004, as commander of the first artillery regiment and director of the Military Artillery School between September 2004 and October 2006, as Chief of Staff of the 19 Military Zone between November 2006 and November 2008 and as Chief of the Inspection and Audit Committee number 6 between March 2012 and February 2013.

First financial statement Socrates Herrera by Aristegui News on Scribd


  1. Another day in Mexico! Keep it moving nothing to see here.

  2. Never have seen such a corrupted country.

    1. 9:29 the US put in Mexico the government's they wanted to keep exploiting the Mexicans, stealing their work for less than minimum wages, and imposing a "war ON drugs" to recover the business from drug traffickers that had grown too independent, all the murdering and stealing of natural resources in exchange for kickback and concessions and money laundering and investing opportunities on the US and other countries without questioning the origin of the funds comes from supporting and installing a satrapy for a government that if they do not do as told get neutralized under accusations of Socialism, communism and corruption.
      It is happening unjustly to the present government that refuses to kiss ass or engaging in a mud slinging contest with the customary shit throwers looking for government handout and chayote.

  3. Many big fish to fry for their participation in corruption in Mexico. Many of those will never be apprehended due to political interests

  4. What a surprise (sarcasm)

  5. Making over 90 thousand peisos a month, and this pinche perro needs to Command Huachicoleo for his boss general "Diplomado de Estado Mayor" Leon Trawitz? It could be because kidnapping for ransom creates more cries from the victims and less money; now he will get rehabilitated and keep earning his pensions and paid health insurance a promotion and a pay rise when he gets out.

    1. No wonder AMLO has kicked out the Estado Mayor Presidential, pinches putos corruptos Diplomados en BS, and the present secretary of national defense "general" luis cresencio Sandoval does not wear the Holy habits of sanctity too well either, after all he commanded the guarnicion in Piedras Negras while the zetas murdered their victims all over the state, in the prison, San Fernando and Allende, no wonder Cienpedos was happy to leave his job to Cresencio.



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