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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

El Carrete leaves brutal messages in Morelos

Morelos - This morning in the municipalities of Cuernavaca, Temixco and Emiliano Zapata, the human remains of a male were found. In addition the criminal group Los Rojos left a narco message.

The first finding was reported to the Attorney General's Office around 03:00 am, in Calle Fortalecimiento in Colonia Las Ánimas, at the height of a restaurant in the municipality of Temixco near the Aurrerá winery store.

There forensics found some legs inside some black bags and a cartulina.

Graphic images below

Afterwards, the personnel of the public prosecutor's office, after completing the removal of the human remains, moved to the Emiliano Zapata-Tezoyuca highway, on the Tezoyuca intersection, as the reference point for route 20, in the municipality of Emiliano Zapata.

At the locale the police found a hand inside a bag, whose fact had been reported anonymously.

Minutes later it was learned that a torso inside a black bag was found in the Avenida Estado de Puebla, a few meters from a hardware business, in the neighborhood of Lázaro Cárdenas del Polvorín in the municipality of Cuernavaca.

Subsequently, the site was safeguarded by police.

Finally, the authorities arrived at Hermenegildo Galeana street in the town of Chamilpa, also in Cuernavaca, where they found the head of an individual who had been skinned.

It’s worth mentioning that only one hand is missing from the deceased, who’s identity is unknown.

El Carrete warns of a purge in the territory of Morelos, highlighting in his list of enemies the Trustee of Temixco Ángel Córtez Ruiz and Deputy Andrés Duke Tinoco for the same division.

Manta reads as follows:
This is part of the purge, we’ve come for all the rats, kidnappers and chapulines that support these dicks:

Abel Maya Bandera aka El Abelito, Crispín Gaspar Cortes aka El Crispin, Obed Miranda Vazquez aka El Diablo, Ángel Cortes Ruiz (Municipal Trustee of Temixco), Andres Duke Tinoco (Local Deputy of Temixco), the Adame Sotelo family aka Los Linos, and Irving Eduardo Solano Verá aka El Gato.

This will be the fate of every motherfucker that thinks he’s so brave. The whole state belongs to me you dicks. Come out and face the bull cowards. 

Internal and external people from the Atlacholoaya and Jojutla prisons: Fall into fucking formation. Otherwise I’ll roll you up. Just as well I’ll kill your dog you dicks.

Sincerely, El Señor de Los Caballos. Carrete!!!

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat VXT


  1. El carrete es más cabron que el mencho pero menos inteligente que el chapo y por en medio le llega a los huev0s de don Arturo Beltrán un jefaso

    1. La unica plaza que tiene is morelos ese wey

  2. What is the status of the BLO ?

  3. That's it no more eating me for me.

    1. 7:05 too late bro, you don't have an idea how many people you have eaten alreddy... Specially in chorizo or tacos al pastor

  4. It's a war zone with los rojos and cjng but let's be real.. cjng will eventually take the cake.. he's a little more powerful than marro in guanajuato but not as tactful as el senor de los gallos


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