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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

El Betito arrested, son of Metros founder, M1

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from UniVision

Mexican authorities reported Sunday that they arrested Mario Alberto Cárdenas Medina, alias 'El Betito', who is the nephew of the ex-leader of the Gulf Cartel, Osiel Cárdenas Guillén, Betito is said to be responsible for the crime of organized crime, and arms trafficking.

The capture was made in the State of Mexico, reported the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR), and arrested with him was a woman identified as Miriam "M".

The general coordinator of Research Methods of the FGR, Felipe de Jesús Gallo, confirmed that the subject was captured.

In a press conference the authorities reported that Cárdenas was arrested by federal ministerial police in the municipality of Naucalpan, State of Mexico, which borders the capital of the country.

'El Betito' carried a firearm with 10 cartridges, four cell phones and narcotics.

Cárdenas Medina is the son of Mario Cárdenas Guillén, known as El M1, founder of the Los Metro faction, captured in the city of Altamira, Tamaulipas, in the year of 2012.  A few days ago, M1 was sentenced to 20 years in prison for organized crime, he has an arrest warrant for extradition at the request of the United States government.

The two persons arrested were transferred and placed at the disposal of the agent of the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office, attached to the Deputy Prosecutor's Office specialized in Investigation of Organized Crime.

El M1

Cárdenas Guillen led the Gulf Cartel in its last years of growth. The criminal organization is based in the state of Tamaulipas, but also operates in the northern zone and the Gulf of Mexico.

The criminal organization was led at its strongest by his brother Osiel Cárdenas Guillén.  After his arrest and extradition in 2003 the Gulf Cartel was greatly weaken.

Chosen in his place was Ezequiel Cárdenas Guillén, alias 'Tony Tormenta', who is brother of Osiel and Mario. The rupture of the Gulf Cartel and the organization of "Los Zetas" occurred during his time as capo.  Zetas served as his armed wing until it became an independent adversarial criminal organization.

"Tony Tormenta" was killed in a confrontation with the Armed Forces in the year of 2010, which is how Mario Cárdenas Guillen 'El Gordo' took charge of the cartel.
Scene of the Tormenta shootout in 2010 sparking a week of unimaginable violence in Tamaulipas 
Tamaulipas under violence

Mario Cárdenas Guillen was imprisoned in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, where he was still handling drug trafficking. He was transferred to another jail in the state of Jalisco where he was subsequently released.

The Gulf cartel was weakened, which led to disagreements within the organization, and several dissenting cells were born.

This resulted in the creation of  'Los Metros', led by José Eduardo Costilla Sánchez, , 'El Coss', who was a municipal policeman in Matamoros.

Both 'El Coss' and Mario Cárdenas Guillen maintained an internal dispute over the leadership of the Gulf cartel.

The two were arrested in 2012 which left a wave of violence in the state of Tamaulipas.

Cárdenas Guillen was in a neighboring prison cell of Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán Loera, leader of the Sinaloa cartel, in the Altiplano prison until he escaped in 2015.

In Tamaulipas, the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic has detected seven criminal cells that still operate in the entity; of them 'Los Rojos' and 'Los Metros' are the most violent.

Betito’s capture and 2009 trial

Noteworthy is to point out that Mario 'C' was arrested in June 2009 and tried for his probable responsibility in the commission of crimes of organized crime and violation of the Federal Law on Firearms and Explosives.

According to the records of the authorities, a federal judge granted freedom to Cárdenas Medina, declaring his capture was illegally conducted..

The capture of Cárdenas Medina was carried out without violence or harm to third parties.


  1. There will only be one M1. His name was Jose Manuel Torres Feliz El Ondeado .He brought fear to the BLO.
    He is respected all over Sinaloa .
    He was my comrade in arms !!!
    RIP M1

    1. died with a smile on his face---so bizarre

    2. He wanted to see tachillo, the thing is im not sure if he went to heaven or hell?

    3. M1 was a skinny little beotch.

    4. He died high on coke, full of adrenaline and bullets... what else would you expect from mas loco?

    5. M1 was a straight up tweaker

  2. What follows is Mario "C" gets sent back to Tamaulipas where the fiscal General Ibarra famous for FECAL's Michoacanazo will get him murdered for governor Francisco javier garcia cabeza de cagadas de vacas, PAN, the governor's shit has been getting more and more transparent, he got betito, panilo, Comandante Toro and too many others silenced for good, all had been partners with cabeza de cagadas de vacas since his days as Reynosa mayor, bought and paid for by Osiel Cardenas Guillen...
    Cleaning up is necessary if he wants to be a contender for the presidency where javier corral PAN governor of Chihuahua wants it more.

    1. Only in Mexico can one see the transparent truth of its political spectrum.

    2. 7:07 we the illuminati try to see through big and small dictator wannabe narco-politicians, welcome to the club.
      Don't sell out to the Russians.

  3. Great catch these are known criminals, yet they mask thier eyes, for the general public not to recognize them.

  4. the look on the girl’s face says everything.. they are FUCT

  5. Mario Cardenas was not the founder of Los Metros. It is a common misunderstanding. He was the founder of Los Marinos or Grupo M in Matamoros. They were more or less opposed to Los Metros in Reynosa.

    1. i left as written---but wondered if i should add in brackets

  6. Dude's wearing a Burger King hat.

  7. Why are they wearing construction vests?

  8. Tony Tormenta has a kid ''TT JR'' looks exactly like him. The Cardenas clan roams in Monterrey !!

    1. And there's Osiel JR near the end of a jail sentence, I think, for impersonating a federal agent?

    2. 2:20 stealing a gun and a plastic goldened charola of some security guard belonging to his attorney seemed like a good joke at the time; Same thing happened to some other guy, Dr Lecter suggested he eat his own face, chopped in small chunks with a piece of glass, he did it,
      But Osielito suggested his joke was a good idea to himself because he is some big pendejo.

    3. El Osito tambien ya mero sale, but the title of El MataAmigos has been reassigned, his Godson Francisco Javier Garcia Cabeza de cagadas de vacas owns it now, he has been killing all the made parnas who know all his dirty shit, people say the Guardia Nacional has agreed not to invade Tamaulipas and to leave his Juersa Tamaulipas to go and do the best they can. But people are complaining about the governor and his fiscal and his SSP del estado, they are all known criminals, says valortamaulipeco.


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