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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Chapo's daughter's "701" clothing line-the war for copyright continues

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Belts are made by prisoners in Jalisco’s Puente Grande prison, where Chapo was once incarcerated and from which he escaped via a laundry basket.

Note: Alejandrina and her siblings have been awarded limited copyright to the Chapo name.  I wondered about that issue when Emma announced she and Chapo, who would be the principal, were introducing a line of clothing also called “701”. 

I contacted Chapo’s attorney team to ask about the conflict, after all they assisted in the creation of the company.  I was told “Let them fight it out”. 

The fact that Chapo is named as the sole owner on the ‘Emma line’ is no accident, as no matter what the children are awarded in ‘rights’, Chapo of course would supersede those copyrights.

But that exposes Chapo’s profits to confiscation because of his 12B forfeiture ruling last week in court.

There is no love lost between the children and Emma, Alejandrina posted documents on social media exposing Emma as not a legal spouse of el Chapo.---things are heating up between the parties, but it appears Chapo sided with Emma.  Chivis

Article from Tango below

Alejandrina Gisselle Guzmán Salazar, the daughter of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán and his first wife, Maria Alejandrina Salazar Hernandez, has started her own exclusive fashion line inspired by her convicted drug kingpin father. Last Wednesday, Guzmán was sentenced to life in prison for running the bloodthirsty cartel that moved tons of drugs into the United States. He was also convicted of unlawful use of firearms, including machine guns. The exclusive “El Chapo 701” line dropped this week at the Intermoda fashion show in Guadalajara, featuring T-shirts, sweatshirts and flashy blazers, all inspired by her drug lord father. What else is there to know about her and her brand? Who is Alejandrina Gisselle Guzmán Salazar?

1. The Chapowear premiered at IM Intermoda, a fashion expo held in Guadalajara.

The show runs from Tuesday through Friday and brings “together designers, producers, distributors, and national and international buyers to exhibit and acquire the most outstanding trends of the season.” The line includes 20 pieces that range from $35 for shirts to about $100 for belts and jackets. The fashion brand was relegated to a “cramped four-square-meter corner at the Intermoda fashion show,” but it still managed to be one of the event’s biggest attractions. Alejandrina has 9,000 followers—a well-established social media presence for her fashion brand.

2. Emma Coronel, Guzmán’s current “wife”, introduced a line of El Chapo clothing and accessories last week, also using the 701 brand name.

In March, Coronel announced that Guzmán had signed over the rights to his name. I guess his self-made $1.0 billion fortune isn’t all that useful in prison. The number 701 refers to El Chapo’s place on the Forbes list of the richest people in the world in 2009.

3. The belts are made by prisoners at the Puente Grande prison in Jalisco, the maximum-security lockup Guzmán escaped from in a laundry cart in 2001.

A New York Post article reports that one white hoodie they sell is emblazoned with “701” and “Lord of the Mountain,” while a mosaic of the longtime Sinaloa cartel leader wearing a baseball cap is featured on a black-and-white striped T-shirt. They also sell t-shirts, jeans, jackets, dress shirts, outerwear, hats, sombreros, shoes, swimsuits, liquor, and a wide line of accessories.

Guzmán has actually escaped prison in Mexico twice—once by hiding in a laundry cart and the second time by slipping through a mile-long tunnel his cohorts dug leading to his prison cell. Though he’ll return to the MCC for now, Guzman will soon be assigned to a new home by the Bureau of Prisons, likely at ADX Florence, the U.S.’s only supermax lockup in Colorado, where he’ll remain for the rest of his life.

4. She’s getting some criticism for using El Chapo as her inspiration.

“There are people who give us a lot of support, who like it, who buy things and come from other places to distribute our products,” sales representative Adriana Ituarte said. “But there are some people who criticize us, who say we are promoting a drug trafficker.” Despite this backlash, she says the brand has been generally well-received at the show.

5. Some proceeds will go towards supporting addictions treatment.

Talk about irony. According to Mexico News Daily, Ituarte told the newspaper Publímetro that some of the proceeds from online sales will go towards supporting an addictions treatment association founded by Alejandrina Guzmán that supports inmate rehabilitation and addictions treatment.

6. Alejandria refers to her dad as the “CEO of Sinaloa” and “Lord of the Mountains.”

In stark contrast to the descriptors chosen by federal prosecutors for El Chapo— “a ruthless and bloodthirsty leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, [whose] the horrific nature and circumstances of the defendant’s offense, his history and characteristics and the fact that the defendant committed some of the most serious crimes under federal law make a life sentence warranted”—Alejandria sees him differently, as “a friend of everyone,” a “willing leader” and “a humble orange vendor with many goals and great ambition,” as her brand’s website reads. His face is featured all over the site, as well as in the showroom display and on related social media outlets.


  1. I like seeing more normal and casual pics of him... I mean yeah, he's a beast. But to see a beast in a normal and casual like setting, gives you an insight as to why all of this is done in the first place. I'd wear the belt just cause it was made by some prisoners... Werrito Palma probably sat there while all the other inmates worked lol

  2. The Don doesn't wear shorts.

    1. He only wears shorts when being chased down a sewer pipe.

    2. 9:30 Good one . Made me LOL

    3. Nice Sopranos reference lol Jimmy Olsen over here lol

  3. Great pic of El Senor.

  4. These women learned to catfight from Chapo! Igual
    De perras!!! Jajajajajaj

  5. Un jefaso de la mafia internacional como me en orgullese que sea mexicano
    Es muy cierto que su carrera llego a su fin pero lo que hiso nadie en mexico o el mundo podra igualarlo

  6. This a true boss not like the Gatos como el mencho el carrete el marro el cholo all those guys are low level bums who wouldn't even make it at the time of the Arellano o amado Carrillo they would have been food

  7. All money grubbing hoes. Little do they know, it will be the lawyers who drain them of their money and become wealthy off this dispute.

  8. They look like beggers fighting for the name a real baller wouldn wear that line

    1. Fuck no, the chakas wear all the gucci versace crap. Only people I see wearing this garbage is posers on the us side lol

  9. I think a correction has to be made. The belts, if they are truly sourced from Puente Grande, would have to come from the state prison near the federal prison (CEFERESO) also located in Puente Grande. The federal prison does not allow any type of opportunity for inmates to produce artisanal goods which they can sell and are under strict supervision the entire time. Yes, it is true that Chapo escaped from the federal prison CEFERESO Puente Grande, but his escape was such an embarrassment, that all subsequent policies and rules within the facility and all other CEFERESO's were implemented that did not allow the inmates any type of recreation or opportunity to make belts or other accessories.

  10. Do they have any shirts that say "support your local decapitater"?! Maybe they could put the "701" logo on oxxo coolers. That would be more fitting.

    1. Why in the world would someone pay that annoying pig of a daughter for some ugly clothes??? She's been spoiled her whole life and now were supposed to shell out 40 bucks for an ugly shirt when u can get the same ugly shirt for 5 bucks at your local swapmeet lmao

    2. 4:27 lo siento senora, pero su hija ya escogio,
      Ella va a cambiar al Chapo,
      Y lo va a esperar hasta que salga.

  11. I strongly agree, it looks disgustingly hideous.

  12. Sinaloa, tierra de gallos que saben cantar!!!! Aka snitch

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