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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

CAF: Muletas confessed sicario and trafficker released

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from Zeta, Thank you Bulldog and other BB followers!

An update of the file with control number 1864678, made in April 2018, indicates that Raydel Rosalío López Uriarte “El Muletas”, 40, is a free man.

The “car dealer,” who admitted to federal police to selling drugs, stopped filing legal appeals against the prison authorities in Puente Grande on December 17th of last year. Unofficial versions that the authorities are currently investigating indicate that the newly released person lives in Jalisco.

After nine years in prison, federal authorities confirmed the release of Raydel López Uriarte, the trafficker who ordered 200 uniforms for his mini army of hitmen and, in his own words, confessed to drug trafficking for eight years and was a principal cause in a bloody war which in four years left a balance of almost 2 thousand dead.

First name?

"Raydel Rosalío López Uriarte".



Originating from where?

"From Tijuana".


"Mmm ... I move drugs."

Are you a trafficker?


What is your nickname?

“Muletas” ["Crutches."]

How long have you been in drug trafficking?

"Since 2002".

Since 2002? What relationship did you have with “El Teo”?

"My friend".

Are you subject to extradition in the United States?


Why crimes and in what states?

"For drug trafficking"

Since when?

"Since 2016, 2007, out there."

So he - Teo - controlled his part, and you, your part of Tijuana Plaza?

"I am in my roll and  his things, I do not know."

Why are you nicknamed "The Crutches"?

"Because when I had an accident on a motorcycle, I used crutches."

How long have you had that accident?


2000, and what did you fracture?

"The knees and the foot, on the one hand the knees and the foot."

Was it also your idea to create uniforms like that with crutches and skull?

"Yes I did them."

You made them, how many did you send?

"Like 200."



And why did you do them?

"Because I had 200 people."

How long have you been at war with Arellano Felix?
How long have they been at war?


What do they require of you?

“‘Kill people, but no killing children, or kill old' güey. We---- I have never killed a child, or an old woman either."

The conflicts that have occurred in Tijuana of shootings and all that, is it precisely that you have met?

"No, but against them, Simon, nothing of innocent people, it’s man vs. man"

 Do you have a boss, or you ...?

"No, no boss, I'm the one ."

Those were the words that citizens could hear in voice of López Uriarte, as part of a video made public by the Federal Government in February 2010, when the trafficker operating in Tijuana was arrested in Baja California Sur.

He was recorded while being flown to Mexico City after having been in Tijuana giving information to local governments, which was used to search and secure several properties of the “Los Teos” cartel, after splitting off the Arellano Felix Cartel and maintaining an internal struggle in Tijuana between 2006 and 2010. This criminal cell was headed by the "Muletas" compadre, Eduardo García Simental "El Teo", a prisoner since January 2010.


  1. OK, so which number Muletas is this one?

    Signed, El Comandante Diablo 74 and El Sapo 38

    -El Arrepentido de la Sierra

    1. This is the original one from Tijuana

    2. Gerardo ortiz made a corrido for this guy, hes suppost to be a big fish, he was on top just like teo

    3. The first famous Muletas, made the name known

    4. This is thee Real "Old" Muletas that used to work with El Teo. "FEM"

    5. Por que andube rengo
      me dicen muletas
      tuve un accidente en
      en la motocicleta,
      se hicieron de huevos
      hoy estoy tras las rejas
      les hice pasar unas noches
      perversas, vendo mariguana
      y a veces disparo,
      a los de la letra
      yo soy el muletas.

      Empieza la historia como he peleado
      desde los 3 ceros
      andamos chambeando,
      preparo mi gente mi sello marcado
      ya somos doscientos
      y andamos entrados
      las seis entidades
      las tengo en mis manos
      los contragobierno
      como han batallado.

    6. That's El Teo's and El Cris Brother.

      - Sol Prendido

    8. I like the part where he says " pa los de la letra yo soy el muletas"
      Clearly stating Im your maker..

  2. Onother cds released, going to get ugly boys

    1. Has .been ugly, as they let many hardcore criminals free

    2. Hes not cds nomore, he switched flags, he runs cjng now

    3. It will probably be announced through a banner , maybe mayo had him take over a cell of cholos cartel in Jalisco. the possibilities are endless time will tell

  3. when he said he been fighting wit the arellanos lifetime lol

  4. This vato was straight gangsta, let see if he can steer clear of TJ

  5. This guy is another one who's definitely on one,El Muletas and his big arse family are notorious in Tia,drug spots,safe houses,sicarios,this dude was the main man of them,does not give two fucks,and now hes out?Teo and Muletas etc,are the ones who who dissolved how many peoples by dude El Pozolero,100,200?

  6. Sinaloa used them to take over tijuana then fed them to the wolves.

    Sigue rifando CAF

  7. El Muletas from CAF/TEOs commanded a cell that dedicated itself to Kidnappings/ Extortion/ hitmen for hire/ trafficking. El Beto from Explocion Nortena was arrested after the AFI/PFP raided a venue that they where playing for El Muletas and his entourage. El Muletas escaped by wearing a Tijuana Police Uniform. During the Inge/Teo war he sided with his pal Teo after the shootout in El Cañaveral they sided with El Mayo and the CDS.

    1. CDS used El Teo and his crew to create a home front for the AFO. Obviously it worked to some extent but after the shoot out in El Cañaveral they ran to Sinaloa and urged El Mayo to give them support, weapons and shooters, and that's CDS was able to enter Tijuans. Once things got out of control and the violence escalated not just in Tijuana but also in Juarez and with the Zetas CDS made a seize fire with the AFO or CAF which ever name you like better, and agreed to pay a toll for all the product crossed thru Tijuana. In other words CAF is still getting paid. Yes it's TRUE a lot of them are coming out of prison and yes it's TRUE a lot are falling back into line with CAF. La Perra, El Chayan, X13 Balas and many more are the Vieja Guardia of CAF. I foresee El Muletas either falling back into the ranks or taking los Tigres/Rs and fighting for either CJNG, or Sinaloa. With that being said he could try to start his own independent organization but that is if his contacts allow him. Chivis please post this up, also please Mr Duncan give us your input

    2. Bulldog you are 100% correct. A lot of people don’t know that cds always paid plaza to the Caf to be able to move weight, most people believed they took over simply cause they would move dope through Caf border. Caf took advantage of this and started being more low key and letting cds take the heat while they owned and operated the border.

    3. El teo flipped to work for la familia michoacana at the end of his criminal career just before he got captured. La familia was trying to do what the cjng did, cjng got that idea from chango and el mas loco.. I'm sure the fall of la familia had a lot to do with los cuinis and mencho to ease up on the michoacan plaza.. just saying

    4. El bulldog si sabe qué pedo en tj aquí todo 10-5 pareja.

    5. The new caf took over the old. And yes mayo did pay piso at the beginning but quickly stopped and started to take over with the help of akiles and la rana and caf didn’t start coming back until CJNG helped them out, pushing out the brothers and los Uriarte are the ones that has a strong hold in la Sanchez.

    6. CAF are mearly trying to survive now, cjng/ctng are way too deep in that plaza now

    7. New CAF has not taken over, La Vieja Guardia is still strong and they are indeed coordinating and controlling movements. Chencho Beltrans nephews kidnapping caused the old guard to flex down on Flakito. Teo did indeed move product for the Familia Michocana but they did not jump into the CAF/Teo war. They also brokered a deal with Inge and the thus the fall of Teo. At the end of the day CAF got paid and is still getting paid. On the Akilles and Rana question yes they did get big but they still followed orders from Mayo this happened when Mayo reached out to Akilles over his nieces kidnapping orchestrated by El Karateca. That's how Akilles and Rana got the full backing of Mayo and CDS. I will say it again yes Akilles and Rana got big but not big enough to take over Tijuana. CAF has deep roots and the real CAF bosses do not bat an eye at the low level players they collect their toll and at the end if somebody does not pay then they make them go away permanently. Yes CAF has gone underground and that's why it's hard to determine who is really in control. The main key visible figure is X13. The real CAF bosses own restaurant's/ higher echelon business and some do live in the States. Eastlake has always been a CAF hot spot. Chivis please post y gracias chica hermosa.......mucho amor El Bulldog de Calexico

    8. Who cares about CAF now in days lol they were tough when los arellanos were the leaders but they are dead or in prison now so they are like 10% of what they they used to be just like the beltranez but Beltranes are still like 25% of what they were. Beltranes were stronger and had more plazas.. the only plaza the CAF ever had was Tijuana yet bulldog acts like they were more powerful than what they were.. cjng took that plaza now get over it and cry to your mommy

    9. Between Rancho del Rey and Chula Vista they own thousands of condos

    10. 7:40pm you are absolutely right CAF ain't shit yup absolutely correct. But do you have Facts to say it ? Here is some ice cold facts brother 1) Tijuana is the most violent city in Mexico currently.2) CDS and anybody that operates in TJ pays plaza.3) If CAF ain't nothing anymore than wiped out crews then why do they own Zona Norte and other parts of the city. I'm not cheerleading but buddy dont forget they are a big threat especially since nobody has been able to find much intel on them.

    11. Saludos @ El bulldog, is piloto a fictional

    12. @8:30 I keep asking the same question, and my sources keep saying 3 possible answers,
      1) Piloto is the son of Ramon. Which could be but from my understanding Ramon only had a Daughter first name Paulina
      2) Piloto is Xavier El Trigrillos son who was present when he was arrested in International waters along with 6-1 Villareal.
      3) it's a counter intelligence move set in order to throw off Leo's into figuring out the key leadership/ Highly Possible....... look at how all the CAF music has vanished off Youtube......
      Now was a wild card there is another option out there and this one I kinda believe, the ones in charge now are the offspring/ male sons of Benjamin and El Tigrillos sons. Chivis please post gracias chica...... Yeah it's getting hard to figure what is happening when informants dont even know what is occurring within the organization.

  8. This is the OG Muletas...

  9. New narco corridos are gonna be heard of this guy in the radio pretty soon i bet.. Now that his out nd ready to gain back whats left of his

    1. His people were getting smoked while in prison. BB wrote an article about 2 years ago. Members of Los Uriarte were getting served. Members of his criminal clan.

  10. Chivis is that the same muletas that is on the video getting violated in prison m??

    1. No, that was Daniel Velencia in nuevo leon apodaca prison, he has one leg amputated below the knee

  11. Is he with cjng or cds?

    1. Now with CJNG.

    2. Neither he is with los Uriarte his family took over his operations when he was arrested

    3. He was cds but who knows right now, since mayo replaced him with aquiles and la rana

    4. Sinaloa, he supposedly went to a meeting in Culiacán when he got out because Los Uriarte have issues with Los Aquiles and Mayo don’t want drama between the two families. Sometime around 2016 "Chapito Trejo" of El cartel de Los Uriarte got killed in front of his family.

    5. 1:37 makes sense that he would run with cjng then.. I go with 11;03 opinion

  12. el teo died??? how did he die?

  13. I dont think that's true but maybe. I know he was trying to set up Amparos and complaining about being forced to eat healthy.

  14. Dude looks like he's wearing pink lipstick and eye make up. He probably cut his hair short so his wig fits better.

  15. They gave a ultimatum ..days earlier (before geting poped) they snached up his sister n fiance . wich the fiance guy got smoked on the spot. Called her bro muletas CAF GAVE HIM THE ULTIMATUM n he surrenderd. Himself n el chiquilin teo bro.. 2 por 1. Guess he loved his sister...


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