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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

7 CDS sicarios apprehended in connection to homicides of policemen

The detainees, who say they are part of the Sinaloa Cartel, are under investigation as they have been indicted under several charges, including robbery, carrying illegal firearms and homicide.

The State Research Agency and SEDENA captured seven people, who allegedly belong to the Sinaloa Cartel, during an operation last Friday at a San Miguel Allende safe house in Guanajuato. The men are under investigation, as they are accused of kidnapping four security elements from San Francisco de Conchos in Chihuahua.

The members of the criminal group also had criminal records for theft of vehicles, specifically on the Parral-Jiménez highway, as well as other criminal activities. It should be noted that it was this background that helped with arresting the men who are now in custody.

One of the detainees was identified as Reynaldo A. S, who is apparently the leader of the group of people who were captured in the past few days, which he claims, works directly with El 300.

Jesús Heriberto R.O., 33, from Sinaloa, another of those captured, already had an arrest warrant for homicide, however, he had been able to elude the authorities twice. They say the thirds a charm. 

El Tabasqueño, Manuel P. M., 25 years old, is another of the detainees; Osmar Alonso H. L., 20, was also captured. According to the investigations, he is a former police officer from the state of Sinaloa. Finally, 58-year-old Victor Manuel A. R. and 23-year-old César R. C. were identified.

During their detention six rifles were secured, three handguns and three telecommunications radios, as well as three ballistic helmets and six cell phones.

Authorities had already been investigating them for several days. Their vehicles were impounded, a pick-up type vehicle and a black Dodge Ram Hemi truck, which had been reported stolen .

For his part, the state attorney general, César Augusto Peniche Espejel said he does not know how long the investigation of the alleged sicarios from the Sinaloa Cartel will take. But he was sure that they were involved with the assassination of the security agents, according to the investigation. 

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  1. Bola de ratas ya la raza anda como los negros de usa robar y robar..ponganse a trabajar

  2. I’d know that face from anywhere, second from top right is Sicario 006

    1. You sure? I thought Sicario006 looks more robust and tougher than that. I can picture Sicario006 build like Arnold (in 1970s) and move like Bruce Lee

    2. Dang it! You beat me to it! I was going to say something similar! Lol

    3. Simon, Sicario 006 doesn't like to talk about it but he was on the Predator set in Tabasco as a Technical Advisor for Shwarzeneggers team. He choreographed most battle and hand to hand combat scenes. Shwarzeneggar would have never been an action star if he never received guidance, mentoring, and combat training from Sicario 006.

  3. Most of them look like there on there own product!! 💉

  4. Yup, that's him. Cambiando del tema, in my vast travels around the world, I've often seen people with tshirt that obviously dont know what the writing on their shirt says.

    Two examples from mexico.

    1. This guy has a shirt that says I'M WITH STUPID and an arrow pointing up to his face.

    2. Another guys shirt says PMS: putting up with mens shit.

    Jaja. I wanted to laugh, but you have to watch out these days.

  5. Animo CDS Sicarios.
    We are training a new unit for El 300.
    A retired SAS Colonel is training some new operatives. We have new ballistic vest ,helmets and kneepads . 7G speeds tactical smartphones from the NSA.

  6. I though cds only deal drugs? Los chapitos andas agarrando puro raterillo, ya estan peor que los z's, nimodo asi pasa cuando sucede


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