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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Woman's leg discovered on busy Mexico City street

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

While finding a body part is not unheard of in Mexico, it would be shocking none the less.

Such was the case in Mexico City, just outside the Parque Delta Shopping Center yesterday morning, causing a scare among motorists and pedestrians.

The police were called, and it was at that time it was made known that the realistic female leg was a prop made of foam.

Elements of the Narvarte Sector approached the site where the "extremity" was located, at the intersection of Xochicalco and Obrero Mundial, in Colonia Narvarte.

Immediately after realizing the leg was a fake, citizens and police went into action with their cell cameras.


  1. Looks like a shapely leg at least

  2. They throwing human legs out the window like cigarette butts.
    Esta canijo

  3. Only one leg? Yikes! It fell out of their truck, the other one must be a souvenir I guess

  4. Who does that?! Sick joke when you consider the horrendous narco violence that pervades much of Mexican life.

  5. Wait until the cartels start ordering fake chopped heads, for Mantas, from China.

  6. If thats fake then they are good at make up.go to hollywood n get a job

  7. You gotta admit that shit was funny

  8. That looks realistic in any country lol

  9. Now the leg huh!

  10. Somebody is pulling someone's leg.

  11. I miss Happy Days


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