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Friday, June 28, 2019

Violence and Dead Bodies on the Streets of Cancún

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: DiarioYucatan

CANCUN Q Roo: A dead body, gagged and with both  hands and feet tied , was thrown today on a street of the Colonia Avante of Cancun .

The emergency number 911 reported the finding as at 6 o'clock in the morning, so that elements of the municipal Public Security Secretariat came, who in turn warned the State Attorney General to attend the case and conduct the investigations.

In a report, the Quintana Roo Police confirmed that the body was in the Mezquital subdivision and that it is a man of dark skin, thin build, about 1.70 in height, short hair and, it is estimated, 26 years of age. He wore a purple shirt with long sleeves, black denim trousers and blue tennis shoes.

They find casings in the area:
The body was tied to the feet and hands with a black belt and the man's mouth was covered with a white cloth. In a preliminary investigation, it was indicated that 7 bullet casings were found nearby, apparently from a 9 millimeter weapon.

Meanwhile in Colonia El Pedragal: This morning was found another dead body of a man on a dirt road of the Colonia  El Pedregal, in Cancun.
Experts and police work on a dirt road from the El Pedregal colony in Cancun, where a dead person was found (Photo by Infoqroo)

The authorities investigate the causes of death, but it is presumed that it is an execution .

A call to the emergency number 911 reported the discovery of a body , naked, one kilometer from the main avenue of El Pedregal.

Elements of the police of Quintana Roo, who responded to the 911call confirmed that the victim was "positive", ie dead.

Shortly after, experts and elements of the Ministerial and Federal police arrived, who accompanied the search for the alleged perpetrators but there were no detainees.

In addition, the experts conducted the survey of evidence and the body. The agents commented that the body showed signs of violence.
In addition, they located casings nearby that were apparently used to commit the crime. Neither men have been identified or motives for their murders ascertained.

In addition, in Villa del Mar 3 an attempted murder took place:

According to the report, assassins who traveled by motorcycle fired seven shots at a person whom they pursued in the vicinity of  Petunia, in Region 248 .

The facts were recorded at 9:20 p.m. yesterday, when the bullet report was given in Villas del Mar III through the 911 emergency number .

A convoy of elements of the Quintana Roo Police and the Secretariat of National Defense, who previously made a tour of different parts of the city, went to the place.

The sicarios traveled by motorcycle:
Elements of the General Prosecutor's Office of the State of the North Zone also went to the site, who were in charge of marking and lifting the percussed casings left by the alleged attackers, who were traveling on a black motorcycle with red.

It was reported that there are already two occasions of a similar report in that area, so it could be a narcomenudista.

The authorities do not rule out organized crime or organized crime revenge.

Neighbors indicated to the police officers that they heard "between five and seven" shots and when they left they saw that some subjects on motorbikes fleeing from the scene.

They also commented that they saw a shadow on the roofs of homes in the sector, so that policemen toured the area but did not locate any injured person. 

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  1. SEDENA is being overrun by the secretary of public security of the state of Quintana Roo, just to prove him right that a single command is "the final solution" and he is JESUS AKBERTO CAPELLA IBARRA, the most UNIQUE ultimate expert that can get the job done, his immense experience as head of crime and criminals from his days as the Rambo de Tijuana in tijuana and chief criminal in Morelos state proves him right, lUckily for Cancun he could not bring his whole crew OF DEATH SQUADS over from Morelos.


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