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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Video Interview w Templario Sicario in Tierra Caliente

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Radio Formula and Intl Crisis Group
           We won little, but we continue to defend the population from CJNG: Templar (VIDEO)
                                              Video screenshot: International Crisis Group

"There were many murders, they killed innocents or they threaten to not let the people go to the city to buy or errands and that": says Templario assassin.

By:  Mariana Cervantes  June 10, 2019

A presumed assassin of the cartel of the Knights Templar in Michoacán pointed out that the war against the Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación (CJNG) is for the sale of drugs and other criminal acts against the population of Tierra Caliente. 

"We are at war with them because they come to do their things, like selling drugs, kidnapping, doing what they want," he said in the midst of gunfire.

The cartel of the Knights Templar was in control of most of Tierra Caliente, but in the last 12 years, its members have been allies and enemies of the cartel CJNG led by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, "El Mencho".

In an interview with the senior analyst, Falko Ernst, for International Crisis Group, the alleged member of the Knights Templar narrated that he began as a "soldier" of the criminal organization, but gradually rose in rank and now serves as "commander of battles ."

"More than anything, he counts responsibility, being someone responsible."

He revealed that he does not receive a good salary as a hit man, besides working on the hill is tiring and stressful, because he must bring food and water.

 "Life on the hill is tiresome and sometimes I tire of walking so much up and down, and sometimes you have to walk with commands and people who are very strict and that is stressful."

In spite of the above, he explained that he is still in the criminal organization to fight a "just cause", because the population was being harmed by other criminal groups.

"There were a lot of murders, they killed innocents or they  threaten  to not let the people go to the city to buy or do errands and that."

He added that his future as a hitman is uncertain, since he may lose his life in a battle or he may fall as a "prisoner of the government".

Note: I strongly recommend the Int'l Crisis Group's website.


  1. I swear every cartel says they don't mess with innocents

  2. Link for those interested in the International Crisis Group as it wasn't included in the post above...

  3. Believing it is about the sales of drugs helps the cause of their mutual enemies, I doubt selling drugs to impoverished farmers who barely make enough money for food to stay alive is that much of a great business, or that the Camarada Comandante makes any money at all.
    Keeping workers high on meth may be a very good business for the bigger farmers, for the artisan miners that steal iron ores and their workers, they may even buy their Meth wholesale, and pay the workers half of their pay in meth, but grameros dealing with shoes homeless farmers are all facked up. Don't believe everything a Sicario tell you.

  4. Yea yea yea ...there all going to rid the bad people from the public... bla bla bla

  5. Well at least the Knights T. Cartel is not killing babies or taking over states, they stay in thier area, they should all with other cartels to bring that greedy Mencho cartel.

    1. Their all bad, there's no such thing as a good cartel.

    2. 7:46 am you obviously never seen cartel land, when a woman said that the templarios grabbed a baby from his feet and slammed his head on a rock, and the baby was not even a year old, just because the owner of the avocado plantation didnt pay piso, plus they killed all the workers, the babys mother was among the slaughter workers

    3. 7:46 remember the nephew of El Kike Plancarte Solis boss of the Cabaeros Templarios had a van full of minors he was taking from Mexico City to the beach in michoacan? There was a Chinese ship waiting for them Kike's daughter had been trying to get her career as a singer moving in spite of all the problems, but then she stop and quit right there. Her brother too.

  6. It would be cool if the interview had English subtitles.

    Te haremos menos daño!"
    Es la broma Regional

    They collect piso
    No business allowed without a coyote for your protection
    We will chase down illegal kidnappers for you
    Perseguiremos a los secuestradores ilegales por ti.

    They are as bad as la julia

  8. A este perro se le olvidó porque la gente de Michoacan los mando a la chingada? Los caballeros con ovarios fueron los que le hicieron toda la mandan al pueblo.


  10. De California a Michoacán, CTGM sigue jalándo, ya se los dije ántes.
    2019 CTGM

  11. These are the same people who were raping all the young girls where Mireles lived and worked! They killed lime growers and other local farmers! They are despicable and kept all the villagers under their control until Mireles and the autodefensas sprung up. I thought they were long gone. Cant be many of them left. Loser low life murderous pendejos!!

    1. Mireles has seen a lot, the government had him locked up for 2 years, they did not want him running the autodefensas, as the government and cartels work together. They brainwashed him while in prison. Aparrently it worked he is not in autodefensas as is out of the spitlight.
      El Perin de Tamp.

  12. Maybe the Greatest Sicario ever @ Sicario006 will give Borderland Beat a interview? Can tell how he so great, just get his mama permission to do interview from basement lair. Ha ha ha ha!.

    1. It can be done, cover his face smoke a cigar like, cimandante Marcos, change his voice bro Darth Vader, and we have an interview.

  13. CT are almost extinct, a bunch of them jumped ship to work for cjng just lika a bunch of familia michoacana and that's the reason they took over more than half of michoacan


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