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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Tijuana: 15 Murders in 24 hours

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from ZETA thank you Neal

In less than 24 hours, in Tijuana, 15 people were murdered in different events; With this, the number of violent deaths rises to 143 in June, so far.

At 10:31 hours on Wednesday 19, the body of a male in a state of putrefaction was located on Avenida Roberto de la Madrid, in the colony Cañón del Sainz. The victim had firearm injuries to the head, back and chest. At the scene of the crime, 8 caliber 45 mm casings were found.

Later on the International avenue at the height of the Matadero Canyon, near a water basin, a male was found dead, around 35 years old, who was shot several times in the head and face.

In front of an address located in Sierra Madre street in the Urbi Villa del Prado second section, a man and a woman were executed.

From  several shots to the head, a male, of 35 years, was executed in Enrique Luna street in front of the Santa Gema pantheon. 7 caliber 40 and 9mm ferrules were found at the crime scene

On Baja California Avenue in the North Zone, a man was found dead with various injuries caused by firearms.
A young man identified as Avisalil Álvarez Valdez, aged 23, was murdered inside a house on Calle Paraguay in Colonia Ampliación Loma Bonita. Witnesses say that the alleged perpetrators are those known as "Erick" and "El Trikis". At the scene were  found two caliber 40 casings.

The body of a man identified as Ernesto Garduño Santamaria, 34, was found inside a plastic boat in the Framboyanes Circuit of the El Refugio neighborhood.

Hector Paredes Contreras, 60, and Francisco Saavedra Aguilar, 35, were in Calle Azafrán and Calle Lilia in Colonia Florido, fourth section, when they were shot to death. Witnesses report that a man aboard a red Nissan Pathfinder truck participated in the crime.

The early morning of this Thursday, 20th at Lisbon Street in the Playas de Tijuana neighborhood, Costa Azul section, a subject, hitherto unidentified, was killed by gunfire on the head and thorax.

A wrapped and  charred body was found inside a TIJ-TS-7650 panel taxi, on Culiacán street in the Murua neighborhood

At least six .40 caliber shots were found at the crime scene of a stranger in Loma Blanca in front of the private Zarco in the Loma Blanca subdivision.

Various bullet impacts found on the body of a male on the 2000 boulevard in the Altiplano colony.

Finally, behind the Tierra y Libertad primary school in the colony on October 3, a man, approximately 30 years old, was shot dead.


  1. Tijuana is on fire. Yet strangely the city gets so much tourism. So many good places to eat in Tijuana. Lots of fun clubs and nightlife. Sad that there are thousands of men and women roaming the streets high on meth looking like strange creatures out of their mind. And the police and government officials just sit back and watch without saying a word. The military has checkpoints but they just wave people through. You can drive through a military or police checkpoint with a car full of machine guns and drugs and the cops / military won’t even catch you. They don’t even investigate the Murders that happen in TJ. Usually if your innocent and don’t do anything illegal then no one messes with u, but I’ve wondered how people tolerate living in a city polluted by so much trash and sewer and homeless people high on drugs roaming every other street knocking on car windows begging for a dollar. The government in TJ won’t even protect the lines to drive back into the USA. They let these drugged out criminals Molest all the people waiting in line in their cars at the border. Yet somehow people keep coming to TJ every weekend ! I guess it’s just part of the experience now.

    1. There are lookouts called Hawks, that work in conjunction with the, kidnapping cells to find an easy target to kidnap for ransom. Unfortunately it happened to a relative living in the US, with green card. The judge had him deported after his 2nd DUI(he learned the hard way), once in the hell hole it is now, he found a coyote promised to smuggle him back to US for $5,000. Yes 2,500 was wired, and relatives would pay the rest, when crosses. Furthermore they wanted more money, thier intention was never to smuggle him back, but to kill him, once they got all the money. They did kill him, but had only gotten 2,500. Relatives went to the morges, eventually he was located with torture and stab wounds, and delivered to it's native Michoacan. And no suspects we're never captured.
      El Perin de Tamp.

    classic reason no police officers arrive ever to any crime scene until the bodies are cold and there is a lot of sun, who wants a warm zombie chasing you during the night?
    Surely not the police.

  3. That's a normal day in Tijuana

  4. Tijuana is losing tourist dollars, killings and kidnappings are a daily occurrence, I used to go to the night life, to enjoy, but now I would bet to come back in a cooler.

  5. This is what CAF wanted for ther TJ it's ther fault because ther the ones that let cjng in tj.because if caf didn't back them they wouldn't have been able to do shit .and that goes for other places in mexico that are fucked up just like michoacan same shit los autodefensas let cjng in and now they regret it cjng has been able to enter other plaza not because ther some kind of elite group that just comes and takes it by force its because dumb asses let them in thinking that ther going to help them take over the plaza from ther enemies ya right ther only going to make things worse for the people del pueblo

    1. 6:05 who let them in Guanajuato?

  6. NEW YORK, "the big apple" has never ran out of vice and addicts in spite of its bringing down capos and families left and right.
    No amount of progress, sky scrappers, gangsters falling or rising or business scams or judiciary successes they all got there from scamming the low ranks of society, and to stay there they still do.

  7. En Tijuana la vida es mas sabrosa


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