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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Tabasco: Accusations against FGR delegate in narco manta

Villahermosa, Tabasco - A new narco manta was placed on a pedestrian bridge that crosses Ruiz Cortines Boulevard, at the Tomás Garrido Park.

In said narco manta they accuse the Delegate of the FGR Mexico Emmanuel Ruiz Subiaur of protecting local criminals.

Manta reads as follows:
Emanuel Ruiz Subiaur delegate of FDR (Frente Democrático Revolucionario) Tabasco and Jesús Juárez Cruz.  “Guardians” of Pelón de Playas and Josue aka El Gato, assassins of the deaths from Gaviota, Calle Uno and Aquiles Serdán from the Atasta neighborhood. And for the sale of drugs and

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from VXT


  1. Cds snitching on cjng on a manta
    that's how mayo is bringing back the old school smh

    1. Reporting does not have to be snitching, same as publishing entertainment news and scientific discoveries, which investigations do not consist of spying. But some sick people always assumes you are an ass who does not know the difference.
      You are welcome.

  2. I’m ignorant, so a question: does huachicol in the manta mean cheap liquor or stolen gasoline?

    1. 1:36 watered down alcohol is not necessarily "cheap" but Huachicol is its first name, the stolen products from PEMEX are, also called huachicol because all kinds of it goes in the same tanks to stabilize the stolen fuels, and next thing you know is perfectly OK to call it huachicol.
      The fuel stolen from PEMEX YARDS or from sea platforms is more estable, but it is also called huachicol.
      Huachicol is so good many PEMEX Gas stations were buying fuel Huachicoleros rather than from the government./

  3. Manta says: "...Subiaur FGR" Fiscalia General de la Republica, which has the authority of the federal government, and the Attorney General, a lot of weight compared with any Frente Democratico Revolucionario, and it makes the accusation of complicity with criminals very serious.
    AMLO has said he does not have accomplices or makes himself responsible for the misdeeds of his collaborators o remembers of his cabinet, or his brothers or his children, except for the youngest one, everybody else, including his wife will have to respond for their acts.

  4. Like to see these tough guys literally incriminate themselves for a change.
    Always speaking against others with their crayon mantas than implicating oneself's interests.


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