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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Sonora Sees Wave of Murders Despite Increased Security

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: ElSoldeCaborca Thank you Neal in Nevada
        Eight dead in Cajeme in June: Six executed last Thursday in Ciudad Obregón and its valley

By Marcos Fco. López Robles

PESP Group Head in Cajeme, Sonora, José Luis Rico Farías' operational disability: 6 people were executed on last Thursday alone.

Unfortunately, the commitments made in police corporations of all levels of government leave much to be desired and this limits them in their actions against "real" organized crime; leaving the citizens of Cajeme in a complete state of vulnerability.

Even with the arrival of the Group Chief of the State Public Security Police (PESP) to Cd. Obregón, José Luis Rico Farías, the wave of murders has not diminished, and crime rates have increased.

The organized crime gangs operating in the region laugh at the actions of the Group Chief, who with a few arrests of drug addicts has tried to put a lid on  his operational disability.
The brief news bulletins where the actions of the PESP are indicated in Obregón, Sonora, leave no doubt that the Group Leader is working half-heartedly, since his actions are aimed at stopping people of low stature, or as vulgarly it is said, those who are not "fixed", ie have paid for protection.

Unfortunately the commitments made in the police corporations of all levels of government, leave much to be desired and this limits them in their actions against real organized crime, they act like "Juan walking home", leaving in a complete state of vulnerability to the Cajemense society.

It is important to note that other Group Heads in this region who have "worn the uniform"  and have fought against those who break the law without worrying about backlash, a situation that seems not to be happening with the case of José Luis Rico Farías, having only last Thursday 6 June, six executions in the region of Cajeme.
Sunday, June 9, an armed attack was recorded in the Nuevo Cajeme neighborhood of Ciudad Obregón, which left a person without life. The violent events occurred in Vicente Mexía Street between Miguel Guerrero and Ferrocarril.

The victim is a woman , around 40 years old, who until now has not been identified and became the first female to be executed in the month of June.

Also, the number of intentional homicides in these nine days rose to 15.

This morning a man was also executed with at least  shot in the Colonia Norte.


  1. Looks like nobody like the New Chief of the Polesia Estatal de Seguridad Preventiva, and they are heating up the plasa to have him recalled.

  2. No police force was able to fight the bad guys. Mexico is a failed country.


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