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Monday, June 17, 2019

Rewards Issued for "El Pantera 24" and "La Perra" of CDN

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Debate
                          Reward offered: 1,500,000 Pesos for the location of "El Pantera 24"
          The PGJ of Tamaulipas placed the new image of the criminal in a spectacular fashion.

Pablo Misael Ramos Lara, aka "El Pantera 24", is accused of being a leader of the Gulf Cartel and has various arrest warrants outstanding. He is sought by the authorities who offer up to 1,500,000  Pesos to those whom will collaborate to find him and his whereabouts. The millionaire reward is offered by the Attorney General of Tamaulipas to those whom provide accurate and useful information to capture "El Pantera 24".

The Tamaulipas Public Prosecutor's Office,  placed "Pantera 24" on its list of priority objectives in the fight against organized crime. Ramos Lara is accused of being a leader of the Gulf Cartel and has several arrest warrants for crimes of robbery, extortion and criminal association, especially in Matamoros.

If you have information about Pablo Misael Ramos Lara, you can call from anywhere in Mexico at 841 841 0595 and / or send an email to and

The identity of the caller and the information you provide will be completely confidential information.

Gerardo Meade Benavidas , "La Perra" :
Gerardo Meade Benavides, alias "La Perra", is also wanted by the authorities, he is accused of extortion and criminal association crimes.

Previously, the Tamaulipas authorities had posted a reward for Gerardo Meade Benavides, better known as "La Perra", for whom they offered 2,000,000  Pesos.

"La Perra" , is one of the most wanted criminals. He is involved in the operation of a flotilla of pirate taxis used to commit  criminal acts in the City of Matamoros, as well as crimes of kidnapping and robbery in the state of Michoacán.

In addition, he is accused of having made several blockades using his vehicles, which would be at the service of the Gulf Cartel.


  1. Grenade or house-made bomb explodes in luggage area of passenger bus as it leaves Uruapan for Guadalajara:

  2. Es cdg y no cdn, yaky Anda Toda drogada ke no zabe identifikar lakrazz.

  3. Chivis, looks like bomb in Uruapan was only one smoke bomb. So maybe no big deal.

  4. Your title says "of CDN"...these guys are CDG

  5. Lol they want you to report them yet again they blur his eyes out lol

  6. Un pinche million y medio de pesos, o dos millones, ni pa la llamada, you know? En then the pinchis chotas de la PGR will sell your ass to the people of la Perra or El Pantera por rajon y entonces si, andele guey... Unos pinchis tablazos por las nalgas en your way to the butcher,
    no thanks no way Jose.

  7. So the state government is at war with the Golfos. Which cartel are they working for? CDN? CJNG? Anyone who thinks this is a fight to restore public order also believes in the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy.

    1. Fack public order, the bounty of kidnapping for ransom is getting claimed by the Guarida Nacional, get ready to fork las papas, the plasa is about to get new owners, and they got Law ond Orders loaded with impunity, will take a lot of wachos, marinas, chanates y aguacates brung down before there is any peace.
      good thing is there is nothing to lose and everything to win if you survive.

  8. So who could possibly be commanding cdg matamoros since el contador is locked up?

  9. Cjng making moves


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