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Monday, June 10, 2019

Pseudo Journalist Apprehended for Extortion in DF

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta
                                  Pseudo-journalist fugitive was apprehended in the CDMX
               Apparently the man does not know that journalists are targets of murder in Mexico

After remaining three months on the run, José Santiago Correa Collazo (presumed innocent, as long as his responsibility is not declared by the judicial authority, Art.13, CNPP) was apprehended on June 6 in Mexico City, to continue his process for the crime of aggravated extortion in Tijuana.

Correa Collazo was first arrested on December 15, 2018 after receiving a cash amount from a local businessman, who said he was responsible for the acts of extortion to which he was subjected months before.

The extortion consisted of Correa asking his victim for certain amounts of money in exchange for not posting compromising videos and information about him, his business and even his family, the businessman agreed for a while as he was advised to proceed from legal stand point.

After the detention of Correa, several hearings were held as part of the criminal proceedings that began against him and on February 26, the Control Judge Patricia Hernández Haro signed an arrest warrant, however the accused no longer appeared for a hearing because previously the preventive detention measure had been withdrawn.

After being detected, then detained in the capital of the country, the accused was transferred to this city to be admitted to the Social Reintegration Center of La Mesa in Tijuana, remaining at the disposal of the Control Judge, who will determine his legal status.


  1. Who ever said he was a journalist to begin with? This character was nothing more than a paparazzi with something to sell. Unfortunately, his monthly fee was getting old.

  2. Kill him. Extortionist should be executed

    1. The reporter saw how easy it was to extort and continued. Everyone wants to make fast money in Mexico.

  3. HE did himself.
    I wonder how many others fell for his ruse.

  4. Disappointed that Mexican government don’t have better things to investigate how about the missing 48 college students or the thousands dead with no voice or justice


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