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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Official of the Interior Ministry Shot Dead

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: OrdenadorPolitico
Coacalco, State of Mexico: An official of the Ministry of the Interior was shot by unknown persons in the perimeter of the Morelos housing unit in the municipality of Coacalco. The official assigned to the General Secretariat of Government was murdered in the streets of Tultitlán on Tuesday night.

According to the police reports, the public official, identified as Erick Francisco Guevara García , was persecuted from the municipality of Coacalco, so he tried to reach his home in Tultitlán, but his perpetrators managed to catch up with him at the corner of Francisco Cándido and Rafael Valdovinos streets of this municipality, firing at him several times.

One of the impacts of bullet hit him in the head to the officer, causing  the car he was driving to flip.

The events took place at 8:30 p.m. this Tuesday, when Guevara García, who had been working for the Undersecretary General of Government for 10 years, was returning from the event in Ecatepec of the Mexican governor Alfredo del Mazo and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Paramedics came to provide first aid, but only certified that the official lacked vital signs, so the place arrived forensic staff to start with the protocols set by law.

The now deceased identified as Erick Francisco, tried to flee from his executioners aboard a compact car Aveo type, however, was hit by one of the bullets and ended up overturning the unit, informed official sources.

The point of the attack was guarded by police, uniformed public security, until the arrival of the agents of the Public Prosecutor's Office who carried out the corresponding investigations and moved the body of the deceased to the local morgue.


  1. And the official had no gun to protect himself from imineant death.

  2. Unfortunately, this behavior is from a government who not only tolerates corruption but encourages it. This assasination is definitely politically motivated.
    How many more political killings and journalists will fall victims to this unacceptable behavior?


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