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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Nuevo Leon: Elements of the Public SS of the municipality of Anáhuac attacked by convoy

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from YouTube and Multimedios

Anáhuac, NL.- Through an official announcement it was reported that  elements of the Public Security Secretariat of the municipality of Anáhuac were attacked by armed men.

The crew in a convoy of at least seven trucks began the aggression.

After the agents repelled the attack, the criminals fled through one of the gaps, although one of the vehicles had their tires blown out.

Agents of neighboring municipalities, as well as Civil Force and uniformed of the Sedena joined the operation to find the criminals.

Confirm: Nuevo León, the Secretary of Security of the Municipality of Anáhuac was involved in  an armed attack by a commando consisting of 7 trucks. There is a wounded element. There are no detainees.

Below: Audio of the Attack to the Secretary of Security of the Municipality of Anáhuac, emerges unharmed from an ambush by assassins


  1. This shit looks like the "attacks" by "Los Zetas Imaginarios" on now governor Heliodoro "La Mula" Rodriguez, who survived both three times unscathed and unscratched...
    What kind of pendejos allow a truck with blown tires to escape?
    Through a brecha?
    --Pinche “SS" is sure no SchutzStaffen Wehrmacht.
    SSP del ENL Secretaria de Seguridad Publica del Estado de Nuevo Leon, and their Secretario, all good for nothing but extort, kidnap, torture and murder maruchaneros, car washers and innocent citizens.

  2. Funny how when cdn ambush the state there is never any casualties

  3. Reinforcements came, and the 7 trucks with hoodlums simply disappeared? Talk about planning.

  4. They have no formación. It is un milagro that few inocentes do not get harmed.


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