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Sunday, June 23, 2019

New confrontation recorded in Guadalajara, Jalisco

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat

Friday there was a clash between police and armed individuals in Guadalajara, Jalisco, which left a balance of two detainees, according to local media.

The events took place on the corner of Periférico and Betania, in  El Bethel neighborhood of the Tapatía capital

So far, Jalisco authorities have not issued information about this new fact that is given hours after the shootings occurred in the municipalities of Tlajomulco de Zúñiga and Zapopan

In another part of the city, an assault was reported on the driver of a black luxury car that was driving along Adolfo López Mateos Avenue.

Authorities of the city council of Zapopan informed that in the place, the driver of the luxury car had been shot several times, the aggressors chased after him in a red truck

Police and armed civilians clash in Tlajomulco, Jalisco.

The morning of this Friday there was a shooting in the vicinity of the Jardines del Edén subdivision, in Tlajomulco, Jalisco.

Dozens of elements of the Municipal, State, Public Prosecutor and military police went to the place where moments before, a member of the Prosecutor's Office was shot dead. A child who was with the agent was injured.

Upon the arrival of the authorities, a confrontation that lasted more than 20 minutes against armed men was unleashed.

After several hours of confrontation, the situation was controlled.

The local inhabitants were evicted and sheltered in a safe place.

Apparently, everything happened in the vicinity of a safe house, where 4 people came out through a window, with their hands tied and three of them naked.

In a brief conference, the Jalisco prosecutor, Gerardo Octavio Solis, reported that the balance of the clash in Tlajomulco is two offenders killed, three detainees and one wounded officer

Fragmentation grenades and rifles  were also seized in the place.

He explained that on Friday there were three attacks against his staff in the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara.

The first was against the Coordinator of Relief Services of the Prosecutor's Office.
The official was unhurt but her husband was injured in the leg.

In another incident that occurred in San Pedro Tlaquepaque, a bodyguard from the Prosecutor's Office was shot and reported seriously.

Almost simultaneously, the murder of an element from the Prosecutor's office in Tlajomulco de Zúñiga occurred, moments after the killing was recorded, the investigation was conducted on whether these facts are related and if there is a criminal group behind the assaults.


  1. Cholos Nueva Plaza are assaulting Zapopan the CJNG lions den. Mencho lost control! Too many missed payments to the feds and army.

    1. Wrong menchos are hunting what's left of nueva plaza

    2. Cholo owns zapopan and guadalajara. Mencho is a joke.

    3. Mayo keeps making mantas of how hes bringing the old geezers back to control the drug game but mencho just keeps on taking his plazas and people

      Cholo/cds is learning the hard way
      Mencho is the reason vicentillo went to retirement and talked to DEA but ended up screwed anyway
      Cds taking more loses every day
      I read an article of how Sinaloa is all screwed up in the land where chapo is from and cds split in many cells operating independently. There was a few guys that were getting interviewed by the reporter and they were scared that la linea were going to take over badiraguato area because of lack of leadership.. IM NOT A FAN OF ANY CARTEL just an observation

    4. Lol 734 the Sinaloan families
      Flew in for a meeting last month.
      Sinaloa has leaders
      Manuelito from Surutato to Badiraguato
      El 22/Cholos en Guamuchil

    5. 5:37, yea guess what the meeting was about. The L’s they keep taking. The fu they gonna do that Mencho has control of the ports, he controls the plazas, the routes, the govt. Sinaloa families are just licking their wounds eating scraps off mencho’s table.

    6. Imagine being on menchos jock as hard as 11:12. Embarrassing.

    7. 7:34 - 5:37, 11:12 both seem to be on cartels jock! But is 11:12 right? That is the real question! I see everyone hypes their cartel horse but who is really winning the race is the question?

  2. cjng getting attacked on their home turf??? Chivis, is it Cholos people or Cds?

    1. You hot that backwards guy
      Remember that video of how mencho called the chief of police and told him to let his guys go or he would kill all of his family including his dog if he didn't listen. Cholo/cds doesn't have that much control in jalisco

    2. Cholos people are CDS that's their sponsor who puts up the money on this whole war on mencho on his turf. They kick back in culiacan while they getting the footwork done by cholo

  3. Wouldn’t it be better if the detainees just put a bullet in there head instead of turning them selfs in? Do they rather get torture?

    1. Most get set free after paying a bribe.

  4. Cholo people getting arrested, more than likely they will be turned over to cjng and there will be more trash bags left on side of the road

  5. anyone caught a member or even knowing a cjng member should be exterminated immediately. Death to cjng. Nothing but cockroaches.


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