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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Michoacán: Gov't Officials Will Not Back those Accused of Torture

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Heraldo
         Government of Michoacán will not cover officials accused of torture: Carlos Herrera Tello

The Undersecretary of Government indicated that if it is proven that an official tortured, he must accept his responsibility. Photo: @CarlosHerreraSi

After the resignation of Carlos Gómez, accused of torture, Ricardo Delgado Castellanos arrived, who also has a recommendation for inhumane treatment.

The government of Michoacán will not cover officials if they are proven to have committed acts of torture ; if any one incurred in it, he will have to face the responsibility, warned the Secretary of Government , Carlos Herrera Tello.
The official warned that the newly appointed Undersecretary of Security , Ricardo Delgado Castellanos , will be investigated who has a recommendation from the State Commission of Human Rights (CEDH) for torture and inhumane treatment.

"Of course, an even playing field is needed  for all. Here, the government of the state does not cover anyone, on the contrary it looks for everything to be transparent and if someone has a responsibility, if someone has gone over the line, it must have a cost, of course , " he said.

It is worth remembering that last weekend Carlos Gómez Arrieta submitted his resignation to the same undersecretary, after having been signaled after the dissemination of a video of acts of torture against a witness in the Ayotzinapa case.

Days later, on Monday, June 24, the Secretary of Security announced the appointment of Ricardo Delgado Castellanos as new undersecretary, however, local media reported that the official has a recommendation to his credit.

The ECHR confirmed that the body received the complaint in which a man who was arrested in Baja California who accused the now undersecretary of torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment against not only him but his family.

Due to the above, a recommendation was issued last January that is still in compliance process, which implies that the authority to which it was issued accepted it and is responding to the points indicated.

Wednesday, June 26, marks the International Day in Support of the Victims of Torture:

Hitting  someone to get them to confess or make a declaration is not normal; these acts are also torture. The purpose of torture is to cause physical or psychological pain in order to obtain a confession.  The purpose of torture is to cause physical or psychological pain in order to obtain a confession.

Last weekend a video was circulated in networks where a man is subjected and has a bag in his head, which is pressured to declare that he participated in the disappearance of the 43 students of Ayotzinapa normalistas .
For the most part, it is police and public officials who mistreat him to confess a crime. That is torture and many do not know it, because you have the belief that it is normal to beat someone to declare.

As every June 26, this past Wednesday marked the International Day in Support of the Victims of Torture , in homage to the people who have been the target of these mistreatments by authorities.

Although it is often used lightly when something is annoying or pitiful, the term torture has its complexity.
According to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment of the United Nations ( UN ), torture is all those acts intended to cause pain and serious physical or mental suffering to one or more persons .

Who and why torture?

Torture against a person is infringed "in order to obtain from her or a third party information or a confession, to punish him/her for an act he/she has committed, or is suspected to have committed, or to intimidate or coerce that person or others , or for any reason based on any type of discrimination, ".

The Unit for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights of the Ministry of the Interior ( Segob ) details that all those officials who order, instigate, induce or directly commit their commission commit torture.

But also those who " being able to prevent it, do not do it, like people who with the consent or acquiescence of State agents order, instigate or induce their commission, commit it directly or are accomplices " .

Only blows count as torture?

No. In fact, the United Nations points out that torture can be both physical and mental, so there are other actions that are believed to be common or normal and are actually torture, such as:

Forced labor
Forcing a person to hold a position for a long time
Hold someone alone or isolated for a long time
Electrical shocks on the body
Attempts of suffocation, suffocation or drowning
Hangings for prolonged periods
Sexual abuse and rape
Food or sleep deprivation
Threats against the person or loved ones and family members

UN asks to investigate officials related to torture in the Ayotzinapa case:

The organism warned about the case since a video was broadcast a few days ago exposing the torture against one of the young detainees in Iguala.
The Office in Mexico of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights ( UN-DH ) condemned the new evidence of torture in the Ayotzinapa case and reiterated the total prohibition of that practice and the investigation of the officials involved.

" As mentioned by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights , Michelle Bachelet , in her recent visit to Mexico, torture has no place in a State committed to human rights, " recalled Jan Jarab , representative of UN-DH .
A few days ago the video that exposes the torture against one of the young detainees in Iguala, Guerrero , Carlos Canto Salgado, was broadcast .

" The video shows before the society the torture against one of the alleged cases involved in the Ayotzinapa case and also verifies the inaction of the Mexican State in this case, " reads the statement from the Mexico Office of the High Commissioner of United Nations for Human Rights .

Given the new evidence, the international organization reiterated its call to the Mexican state to comply with human rights recommendations .


  1. Mexican government and police are pieces of $h!t!!

    1. Welcome to the club.

    2. 3:57 Mexican police and military follow orders from above, they believe "he who commands, commands,
      and if he is wrong he commands again"
      Michelle Bachelet was tortured with her mother, side by side, naked, and her beloved father Alberto Arturo Miguel Bachelet Rodriguez general of the Chilean Air Force was arrested by his own underlings and tortured badly, he was dead by next year, his crime was he would be loyal to the presidente and had no reason not to.
      Michelle Bachelet knows about torture. But the suspected Ayotzinapos victimizer does not fit the picture, much less if he confessed under torture.
      And it is a pitty Anabel Hernandez keeps pushing her shit about a "bus loaded with tons of heroin and billions of dollars students hijacked" and federal police officers and soldiers and marinas had to rescue... Then punish the students by delivering them to the Guerreros Unidos for disposal.

  2. U get in a Mexican Jail u confess to anything. Its tough.

  3. So I heard El 85 (with support from CDS) is fighting Mencho in Uruapan.

  4. A double edged sword where matters of state security are concerned. These criminals will only give up their bosses and gang by means of torture.
    All else expect judge to release them.

    1. 12:44 Como eres pendejo mijito, you can't be a criminal much less get convicted as one even if you confessed through torture, deprivation, rape, death threats, or sheyet and more sheyet.


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