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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Mexico nine journalists killed so far in 2019

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from El Universal

From January of this year nine journalists have been murdered in Mexico.

The most recent killed was that of Norma Sarabia, correspondent for the newspaper Tabasco TODAY.  Sarabia was entering her home when two hitmen on a motorcycle drove by and open fire, hitting her multiple times.  She was a reporter of general news and special reports.

Other journalists killed since January 2019:

January 20:  Rafael Murua Mariquez

Director of a community radio station. In the northern region of Baja California
Murua had been reported as missing by family members and friends and say he was last seen on Saturday night January 19th, walking through the downtown streets.  He was found dead on kilometer 40 of Santa Rosalia-Ignacio in Mulege.  His thorax had puncture would and he was shot in the head.  

Two men have been arrested for the murder.

February 10th Jesús Eugenio Ramos Rodriquez

Journalist and radio announcer, came under a gun attack in the municipality of Emiliano Zapata while he was having  breakfast with the local  leader of the political party Morena, Carlos Enrique Campos and the former mayor.  

No arrests made

February 16th: Reynaldo Lopez

Executive of several radio stations, was murdered by gunfire in Las Pilas in Sonora.

The arrests of three has been made

February 20th Samir Flores Soberanes

Owner of the community radio station “Amillzintko” and opponent of Huexca thjermoelectric plant in Morelos, was shot to death when he was surprised while leaving his home in the town of Amilcingo in the municipality of Temoac.

The killers were travelling in a car.  A message was left at the scene supposedly from Tlahuica Command.

No arrests.

March 15th Santiago Barroso Alfaro

Host of the radio program “San Luis Hoy”, was murdered outside his home in the border town of San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora.

A municipal employee was arrested for the murder, found guilty and sentenced to 22 years.

March 24th Omar Ivan Camacho

Camacho worked on a sports radio program called “Alto Voz”.  He was found dead under a bridge near the Benito Juarez Highway, in the Municipality of Salavador Alvarado. He was last seen as he covered the new baseball season at “Alberto Vega Chavez” stadium.

No arrests

May 3rd Telesforo Santiago Enriquez

An indigenous professor and activist on a community radio station, was ambushed and shot to death in the municipality of San Agustin Loxicha in the Sierra Sur region of Oaxaca.

He was intercepted as he traveled to his radio station.

No arrests

May 16th Francisco Romero Díaz

The body of Romero Diaz, was found in the vicinity of a bar in Playa del Carmen, QR.  He was the director of the digital media “Ocurrio Aqui”.

He has received a phone call that caused him to leave his home and travel to the bar area.

“Naca Naca” as he was known, had denounced through Facebook that he had received threats, and he was taken into the Mechanism for the Protection of Journalists and Human Rights Defenders.  

No arrest made


  1. They could have gone underground, but chose not to, nobody can really protect journalists better than anonymity, but they could try and live in the police station or the military barracks. The US embassy and others could accept them as refugees too.

    1. Seeking asylum in the US requires a certain criteria to be met: Persecution by Government for political or religious beliefs. Not the threats from gang members or criminal organizations.

    2. 1:59 State Government sponsored criminals are doing the dirty deeds for corrupt state criminals, we'll see if embassies deny refuge if at least temporarily to refugees anywhere.
      --In France, the French resistance was not pretending democracy lived there while going to the teather and the cafes, nooo, anonymously they tried to remain anonymous in their trenches. away from The cities and their embassies. UT embassies can close and go away if they want... Which did not prevent the South Vietnamese from trespassing trying to cling to the last chopper out of Vietnam after one more fine shit someone got the US in, after inventing the attack with weapons of mass distracshun in the Tonkin attack by the Vietnamese piragua navy. Come think of it, the USS Maine was blown in havanna Harbor by imaginary sugar came submarines in the shape of Cuban cigars to make teddy Roosevelt and his commando style rough riders go and fight for US honor.
      There are responsibilities for enabling criminals anywhere in the world, saving face is one of them.

  2. What's to be expected from a government that can care less of its citizens. Only talk of investigation to calm the public. While pocketing money from those culprits.

  3. So sad. If the press is silenced, the people can't know what's really happened. If none of the rest of the atrocities going on in Mexico don't prove a failed state, this should.

    1. Will try again. Apparently my response is not being posted.
      The silencing of the press and freedom of speech is visible worldwide. This perspective of a failed state is entitled to many countries. The UAE is a fine example of what an American ally have shrugged from human rights violations.

      Freedom of speech along with journalism will always be the enemy of any government!

      Best of wishes Granderojo


    2. 7:28 even Stalin had to do journalism underground, anonymously, work on the oil fields as a technician shoveling mud, robbing banks to finance Lenin's revolution, eating Russian "Centuries Old Bone" soup. And he had to escape from Siberia about 5 times, all to stay free and alive while committed to Bolsechevik Revolution.
      Mexican journos could do some for themselves, stop making their asses public, at least until a better day.

    3. Calm down E---I do my best. Can't get to all of them. and sometimes yours don't meet standards.

      such is life 👀

    4. BTW when I log on the most recent shows first so I have to begin there and older ones may be delayed

  4. Half of them have no suspects or no one's been arrested but I guess better no 1 then an innocent person arrested.

  5. 3 babies dead at anzalduas park (mission tx) wtf is going on???

    1. You you read correctly they died of drowning.

  6. Remember thier was a time, the republic of Mexico had said, after Valdez of Rio Doce paper got killed, that they would be furnishing bodyguards, never has materialised.

  7. MEXICO can't protect the reporters.

    1. Along with its citizens!
      Why should this be any surprise to anyone.

  8. These bastards are the ones destroying Mexican infrastructures,they are too thick to get it,probably a mother,daughter,provider,fuckin rats blithely destroying decent families who work every day,these people are backbones but no one is protecting them.AMLO whats up you silly old clown,at least you can say you achieved EL PRESIDENTE of Mexico

    1. 12:52 it is hard to soar with the Eagles while you are flying with turkeys, and the heaviest ones self appoint...
      You have choices to make pretty boy, you want immediate pleasuring and satisfaction, you will have to do old style all by yourself.


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