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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Mexico City: Union Tepito Drug Dealers Arrested

Armadillo BorderlandBeat From Proceso
MEXICO CITY (AP) .- Ministerial agents of the Attorney General's Office of Mexico City (PGJ-CDMX) arrested at dawn this Friday 12 subjects, six of them alleged drug dealers, during an operation conducted in the Residential neighborhood Miramontes, Tlalpan City Hall.

According to the agency, the capture of the probable dealers of the Tepito Union happened during the exchange of money

The rest of the detainees are three buyers and three individuals who resisted arrest. In addition, the PGJ-CDMX said that in the operation they secured two 45-caliber squad weapons and a .9-millimeter pistol, 16 bags with marijuana, six more with cocaine and two vehicles.


  1. That's a lot of dealers

    1. Ora ahi los llevan, empinaditos,
      pa que se vayan acostunbrando a ganarse el pan con el sudor de sus cuatro patas.

    2. 11:54 esos puto es no son dealers,
      son unos pinches chilangos carteristas.
      Eso les pasa por andar comiendo tlacuaches.

  2. Shouldn't the policia be doing this every day in a megacity as big as DF?

    Mexico has lost the war on drugs. Time for drone strikes and to unleash la Marinas.

  3. CJNG took over

  4. They denied there was crime and cartels en la capital for sooo loooong,
    Pinche gobierno de mierda, chinguen a su madre.
    FECAL, EPN and genarco garcia luna were just desperately covering up for some of the worst bastards the world has ever seen.


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