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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Marmiko: VRCRZ Journalist Suspects Govt

Yaqui for Borderland beat from: AristeguiNoticias
                    Journalist Marcos Miranda suspects the government of Veracruz for kidnapping

He has been practicing journalism for 33 years and has been critical of the Moreno administration of Veracruz; the kidnappers deprived him of his freedom "by gossip."

The Veracruz journalist Marcos Miranda Cogco, who was deprived of his freedom on Wednesday morning and rescued by the police at dawn on Thursday, thanked God for coming out alive after the shooting in which he was freed from his captors, and expressed his suspicion that behind these facts is the government of Veracruz .

"I have been a harsh critic of the Moreno administration , of Cuitláhuac (García Jiménez), I have been critical of the actions of the Public Security Secretariat (state) and I keep them reasoned and grounded, and although they did not tell me who did it to me , I suspect that it may come from the government, " he said.
Miranda, also known as Marmiko - an affair he used in name when he was an ugly king at the port carnival in 2012 - and who has been a journalist since he was 33 , nine years as an independent, said that the criminals who deprived him of his freedom told him that they did it "by gossip".

The state governor, Cuitláhuac Garcia, said that given he was "safe" with relatives, the journalist , "there's our result [...] What are you doing specialized anti-kidnapping ?, which are soaring in the kidnapping unit. I demand that they stop tolerating the kidnappers. "

In an exclusive interview with Notimex , the journalist who runs the Noticias a Tiempo news space through Facebook, requested support from the federal government to investigate his case thoroughly, fearing that the Veracruz government has responsibility.

"I ask for help from the federal government because here the state government seems to be not providing the corresponding support, because they have not spoken to me, I need to see the doctor and other things," said the communicator who accepted the federal protection system.

Marcos Miranda Cogco, 53 years old, remembered the way he was intercepted by his victimizers, who took him to a safe house , probably in the area near the Port or Boca del Rio.

"They covered my ears with napkins and toilet paper, blindfolded me and tied my hands with bandages. They kept me naked in a room, a long time, I suffered humiliations, many blows, kicks, blows to the head , especially in the ear, "he said.

The journalist recalled that when he was in captivity he heard three voices , and that one of the men was the one who beat him, especially when he asked him to take him to the bathroom or when he was dozing.

"I think it was just that one one that hit me. That one told me that if I told the boss he was going to kill me. They told me they were going to execute me, to mutilate, to cut, " he said while mentioning that they also took nude photos and warned him that they would share them when he behaved badly.

Marmiko shared that at first he thought he was going to die. "I felt defeated, I said, not because I do not return; God, thank you for all you gave me, but then I said, no, it's a defeatist attitude, I said I 'm going back alive and God is going to save me , and I changed my attitude to positive, I think that too, my faith, He saved me. "

He added that although one of the delinquents gave him several beatings, they also agreed to compare medicine for diabetes , because at the time he was kidnapped he did not take  his medications with him.

The independent journalist was deprived of his liberty at around 7:45 am on Wednesday , when he was taking one of his daughters to school aboard his vehicle.

According to official information, he was rescued when he was transferred by his victimizers aboard a truck on a dirt road to another safe house.

The thugs faced gunfire with Veracruz Public Security police, and subsequently, they reportedly fled; as we reported in our first post on Marmiko's kidnapping and assault.


  1. Fled? Rather, support for the escape.
    If what you are stating is true. This kidnapping was only to instil fear by government than death. A reality check to what can be a horrific outcome.
    From what I've read, the road you take will determine your future.


  2. ya callate y no le buzkez maz, otro levanton y aparecez en bolsas negraz

  3. The Veracruz Public Security officers responsible for this fuck-up will be severly reprimanded ... and they will instead have to gun-down Marimeko very publicly on the street!

  4. That's why I moved to the U.S

  5. No Free Press No Guns No Rule of law.


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