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Monday, June 10, 2019

Los Rojos Plaza Boss Arrested, Recruited Police In Morelos

Armadillo Borderland Beat From Milenio
Elements of the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic apprehended José Ignacio Vázquez Calderón, Nachin, presumed cell leader of Los Rojos and in charge of the extortions in the south west area of ​​Morelos.

Federal officials indicated that since the end of 2018, Nachin was in charge of recruiting and managing the incorporation of a group of police officers into the Morelos Single Command assigned to municipalities in the region who informed him about operations.

Vázquez Calderón was arrested in Xochitepec, Morelos, based on an arrest warrant for his probable responsibility for the crimes of organized crime, with the purpose of committing express kidnapping to execute extortion.The agent of the Federal Public Ministry requested and obtained the warrant from the judge of control assigned to Cuernavaca. 

Vasquez worked on behalf of Manuel Peralta Jaime, Manolo, chief of the same area (currently detained) who was responsible for the payment of extortion against merchants, businessmen and municipalities; that coordinated a cell in charge of carrying out the placement of blankets alluding to the criminal group as well as high impact events. After Manolo's arrest,  Nachin met with El Carrete, leader of Los Rojos, to receive instructions on how the cell would operate under his charge.


  1. That's the problem with Mexico. Kill than apprehend.

  2. Single Command of the State of Morelos, the baby of Jesus Alberto Capella Ibarra,"el Rambo de Tijuana" who alway proposes that Mando Unico is the solution to all the criminal problems in Mexico as long as he is on top of the cops collecting all the money from everybody and stealing all the budget he can.
    Now trying his old tricks in Cancun, Quintana Roo.
    Of course, Capella could not take
    everybody with him when he had to go and chose to go to QR.
    Mando Unico are una pinche bola de ratas asesinas secuestradoras y extorsionadoras and now as Guarida Nacional they are not very very different. Think Gestapo or KGB. But their only leader is illegitimate procedures and extortion of money's.

  3. That's good news for cjng, that's their main rival in morelos


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