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Monday, June 24, 2019

La Perra CDG priority objective arrested

LeChef for Borderland Beat from El Nuevo Herald and Info7

The Attorney General of Tamaulipas ( PGJT ) reported the arrest of Gerardo Meade Benavides, alias " La Perra ", one of his priority objectives for his responsibility in crimes of homicide, kidnapping and extortion.

The assurance occurred in the town of Chiconcuac , Morelos; where the subject was detected with intelligence tasks carried out in coordination with the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic .

Elements of the Attorney General of the Republic ( FGR ) arrested Gerardo Meade Benavides, alias "La Perra". at dawn on Friday in in the town of Chiconcuac , Morelos.  He is a priority objective  for his responsibility in crimes of homicide, kidnapping and extortion, and one of the leaders of the Gulf Cartel. ".

It was also established that he belonged to a faction known as "Los Ciclones" and that he is part of that criminal group that operates in Matamoros, Tamaulipas .

The Attorney General of Tamaulipas (PGJT) just over a month ago offered to pay a reward of two million pesos to who gave reliable information on the whereabouts of "La Perra".

The prosecution also opened several investigative folders for the crimes of extortion and criminal association, since "La Perra" led several stoppages in public transport.

The state police in Tamaulipas located this subject as a leader in the structure of the Gulf Cartel, Los Ciclones faction, as well as managing commercial activities and public services in Matamoros.

In addition, the corporation detailed that the subject operated several illicit acts for the criminal group to which it belongs, such as kidnapping, extortion, execution, drug trafficking and illegal extraction of hydrocarbons.

Meade Benavides is also investigated for the crimes of extortion and criminal association, in relation to the public transport of the city of Matamoro , where he threatened the operating workers and administered "pirate" taxis.

Meade Benavides in previous strikes blocked with its transport units mainly "pirate" taxis all border bridges, which caused tremendous traffic chaos.

It was the FGR's own elements who transported “La Perra" to Matamoros Tamaulipas,  where he was handed over to the state authorities that will determine his legal status.


  1. So they said this guy was the boss of the matamoros plaza for the cdg. As soon as they put money for his capture his was arrested in morelos.

  2. Is it safe to say CJNG paid more to the government?

  3. Tamaulipas is going to be cjng pretty soon just watch

    1. Ha they cant even take over michoacan, good luck taking over the most volatile state in the Mexican union

    2. Ok hold you breath until it happens

    3. 6:05 Tamaulipas has always been for sale, this deal puts more value on governor Cabeza de Cagadas de Vacas Bank.
      Selling his workers, partners, underlings and their plasas away or getting killed those who won't obey sti is a good business until they catch up with you.
      La Perra may not last long in Tamaulipas prison system,
      "El Lucky" got sent back to SLP, AFTER GETTING CAUGHT SIX DAYS Ago in Mexico City, and he was dead in three days, killed in La Pila, prison where former boss of his cartel Rey David Alvarez "el Santander" is residing, he may have got back his outfit.

  4. He probably collected the reward money and then they are going to let him free.

  5. 6:05 the governor probably sold the plasa to six other cartels,
    But all have a foot in the DOOR, left for CJNG to do is kill the best of the rest.

  6. “Tu denuncia es confidencial”, si como no culitos. Mejor cuenten me una de vaqueros. Esa mamada!!! - Sol Prendido


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