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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Avengers in action in Parral, Chihuahua

Parral, Chihuahua - A young thief received the warning of his life.

Delinquents picked him up near his house and gave him a brutal beating on the outskirts of the city.

Yet not satisfied with that, they tied him to a tree, blindfolded him with gray tape and they placed a big sign made of cardboard that explains what happened.

"This happened to me for being a rat and meth user" read the message placed on his body.

The subject was found tied up close to midnight on the Chihuahua highway north of the city of Parral.

Authorities believed he was dead, but then they saw that the body had movement and he was complaining.

He had savage blows all over his body and head. He narrated that moments before he had been "picked up” by several armed individuals who attacked him.

His name was not revealed.

Sol Prendido Borderland Beat from Lapolaka


  1. Los Avengers is a group of highley specialized and tactical operators who acts sweepers. They have been trained in small arms,explosives ,demolition and anti terrorism operations by a retured Navy Seals Team 6 operator. Its leader is a comrade of mine who goes by the name of El Capitan Sinaloa.

    1. Say bro you need to lay off the dam pipe..Honestly do you even hear the crap that comes outta your mouth seriously just stfu get some rest its obvious you're on a week long binge off of whk knows what..fkn clown

    2. I used to have a dog, EL Capitan had no envy of Rin-Tin-Tin.

    3. and I am James Bond but you know me as 007

  2. Great a Mexican sequel to the endless Avengers saga.
    Suggest attempting this to your nearest cartel and government.

  3. Thank you to whoever is responsible. He may now go on to be a good man.

  4. Lucky bastard. Escape that country my friend. Come over here to Los Angeles and become a hipster.

  5. So the cartel sells meth to make money but they don't want meth heads acting like meth heads.

  6. So was he a criminal or just a buracho, pick up randomly to go with a manta?

    1. That is the problem with vigilantes. You really never know if the fucker that got linched was a "career criminal" or some random drug addict that for a simple act of say stealing some beer he gets his ass handed to him like this.
      Of course for publicity's sake these militia men will say they discipline the most hardened criminals for societies sake.
      B.S. half the time or more I, would say.

    2. Despite their unsavory practice by these so-called vigilantes. They are among the few who take out the trash. While others barely apprehend and those which are apprehended are released by corruption.

      The way I see it cleaning up their communities of the unwanted. Moreover, the nonproductive citizen.

    3. Government death squads sometimes forget what cartel they are supposed to be or make up whatever movie name comes to mind.

    4. Vigilantes beating up people are a reasonable option, the governor may be running out of patience with people heating up his plasa, Javier Corral wants to be Presidente de Mexico, not a Cacique Chihuahueno and a failed millionaire murdering narco-politician rata like Cesar "El Capulina" Duarte.


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